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*pic is my goal if I can or at least as close*


Hi there, I'm currently looking at buying a second hand KTM EXC 450 and converting to supermoto. I have converted a DRZ400E but everyone knows they are piss easy. I have read a bit about exc sumo rim sizes and have found a few people struggle with chain rubbing on rear with 4.25x17. 

Just wanting any tips or advice from someone who has done it before and what works best.

Also any other tips or advice for converting to sumo (etc. exhausts, steering dampers, handbrake setup, frame sliders/protection, hand guards, any thing else that is a must for this model).

I live in New Zealand and don't mind spending a bit on parts but would like to buy the rims here as it would be faster/a lot cheaper.


Any advice is appreciated, cheers. ^_^


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If you’re  converting your exc to this than my only suggestion is to never ever add up all the receipts. That’s one awesome supermoto.

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