RFVC xr200r oil cooler?

Anyways so I got a 1985 xr200r RFVC, and I have heard that the oil really overheats and in some cases people have had their bike (Rarely) go up in flames, however I don't want to take any chances and I heard that there is a way to put on some sort of oil cooler... How do I do it??

I owned a 84 XR250R, the basis for the RFVC XR200 engine. A friend owned two 85 XR200Rs and had no problems, nor did I with my 250 but I rejetted it, and our riding was in the PNW. 

The problems were mostly with the XR250Rs used in the SW deserts and rejetting seemed to help.  The 86+ engines had an oil cooler  that can be added to the 85-85 engines. Also oils today are much better than in the mid eighties.

The XR250 forum has more info on oil cooler conversions. 

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