Somewhat new to the area, How bad is Rowher Flats in rain like this?


I just picked up a 2018 YZ250X and need to do my break in. How gnarly is Rowher Flats after rains like we just had? I'm thinking about heading there Sunday. I moved to LA last year and I've only been there 3 or 4 times, but so far I enjoy the riding there more than most of the "day trip" locations.

Not the biggest fan of Hungry Valley, but I imagine HV is ok despite the rain this week.

Side note, how bad does the road in to RF get after weather like we just had?

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The road in is doable in this weather.  You will find some slick spots and mud on the trails, but overall, it will be very rideable.  Just checked- It’s supposed to rain Saturday PM.  Could be slick.

I am not a fan of HV either, BUT, rode there this past Monday just for an easy place to ride my new (to me) full-size bike and it was heaven on Earth. The dirt was so perfect, what dreams are made of. It was like someone groomed the entire place, every single trail was perfectly damp and smooth. I would suggest going there over Rowher, although it might be busy.

There wasn't enough rain to make any difference in the road going into rowher. Did it this morning.

I went there for the first time ever on saturday, during the rain, and it was a blast. I also took my family there on sunday after the rain and it was perfect for my 2 kids on a xr50 and the other kid on a ktm65. My wife on her 125rr-s had a pretty good wipeout at the farm, so she needed a confidence booster and RF was pretty good for this reason. RF's about an hour and twenty minutes from my house so I see the charm in this place. On sunday, the road in was a little muddy, but I could've kept the pickup dry if I had wanted to. The red mud left a couple of stains on my 500's engine that I hope to get out with some gas and a toothbrush, but as long as you wash it off right away, there shouldn't be any worries. I dont think I'll ever go back to hungry valley on a weekend. I had a collision with a drunkard on a quad and got a little hurt, and don't want to see my wife or kids have one. Other than that HV is cool, but the riding up in LPNF past HV is really cool. I look forward to exploring RF and the areas around it a bit more.

heres a video from last saturday:


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The road usually holds up pretty well, unless it’s a torrential downpour. The trails can get slick, they can get some serious ruts. Depends when they were last hit with a blade. Just know, rowher has very red mud, its gonna stain stuff. 

Texas Canyon (Rowher) is the best kept secret in SoCal. 

Dirt is even better after the rain, then again all dirt is better after the rain. 

When getting ready for a Big6 race or Baja. My partners and I will time ourselves doing certain sections, over and over making adjustments to the bike to improve it. TT Cyn has everything Baja has, except for sand, and cheap whore's. :goofy:


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