2004 YZ 125 green sticker?



Trying to buy an older yz125 w a green sticker. I came across a 2004 that is green sticker. Per the owner "CA used to do a lottery thing on a certain year and bike and it was the 04 125 that got the green sticker". 

I am gonna confirm the VIN, but was wondering if it's in fact true that CA issued green stickers with a lottery system for 2003 and newer bikes?


I tried searching and couldn't find anything. 


Thank you all for you advice. 

Doubtful. They’ve been known to randomly mess up and give someone a green sticker for a red sticker bike, which may get you through the door and be fine for some riding areas, but if you get caught they will kick you out at a minimum, may possibly get a ticket. Rangers won’t see it as the dmvs fault, they’ll see it as yours for putting it on there. So it depends on where and how heavily enforced/ or knowledgeable staff is.  Plus the next time your reg is due you’ll probably end up getting a red anyway.

RawbW nailed it.

There's never been a lottery for green stickers, what you were told is laughable. If you want a green sticker 2t you'll have to get a 2002 or older bike.

Exactly-02 or older and no lotto. Dont get sucked in.

That guy is full of it. No green for 2 strokes after 2002.

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