Help me '95 yz250. Drippin fuel?

A tiny clear rubber tube on bottom of carb.  On bottom sort of on side, by floats, the other end just hanging down.  Was it always like this? Or does the other end go somewhere?  Today after multiple trys with kick, choke on/off ,,,fuel keeps pouring out the tube.  This bike has always been hard to start.   Thanx  guys!

Float needle is sticking open for whatever reason. Usually a piece of dirt or grit of some sort. Try closing the petcock, run the motor pretty much out of gas, then turn the petcock back on. Sometimes that will flush the grit out, if not, time to take the carburetor off, open it up, and clean everything thoroughly. Check you float height (you'll have to look up the height spec somewhere, I don't know how they were set on the older ones) while you have it out.

Thank you,. I will

95 has been around for a while , likely also the rubber needle seat that the float pushes up into the brass jet is cracked or has a worn ring on it that allows fuel to bypass as it is gravity fed and below the level in the tank. If you take the carb apart replace it before adjusting the floats.

Duly noted, appreciate it

It fixed itself, !  Next day went out, turned on fuel, no drip,. And rode for awhile, .

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