Seal saver boots?

I am interested in getting a pair of seal savers for my wr450. My only concern is that I need to remove the guide bracket for the fork guards. I'm not sure if that would be a good thing. Is anyone using them? and if so how do you like them and have you had any problems with your fork guards? Thanks :)

I use them, they fit under the guide brackets no worries. I have had them on over a year now maybe closer to two

Had my suspension done at aftershocks the seals and dust seals looked so good he had no reason to replace them



Ditto, I had to use longer screws for the guides.

Thats great, thanks for the imfo and picture. My list keeps getting bigger. :D Ride hard and have fun :)

Ditto on the longer screws, but after a while I was able to replace the longer screws with the originals (crushed it down a little). I Really Like Mine! :)

Same here.One word of advise... pull them off on a regular basis and clean them as sand and small rocks do manage to find their way under the seal savers.


I replace mine once a month but I ride every weekend. They will trap dirt and you really cant clean them completely without taking them off. I just buy the long ones and cut them down into 3 pairs to keep the cost down. :)

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