wont start

ok, heres the story so you guys can tell me what i did wrong:

saturday, i went and raced, sunday, i went and rode at a neighbors house untill about 7 and came home and threw the bike in the garage and didnt touch it untill today (thursday) i planned on washing it, so i tried starting it up first to see if it would start. (it should shouldnt it?!) well i turned the gas on, no choke no hotstart no blips, wouldnt start, turned choke on gave a blip, no start. checked to see if there was gas, i couldn't really tell, but im going to say it was dry. put some gas in it, turned fuel on choke off hot start off one blip. it sounded like it wouldnt even start before, now it sounded like it would start, it didnt. decomp lever in kicked like 15 times, hot start, fuel on, no start. tried BUNCH of other combos for the remaining 40 minutes, still no start. washed bike to calm my nerves and now im in here complaining to you guys, what happened to my bike? why the hell wont it start? it fouled a plug goin to my first practice on saturday, i think that was because i didnt warm it up enough before i got in line to practice when i shut it off. if thats at all relevant.

please help me figure out whats wrong with it


I think its a short between the seat and the handle bars

dammit ego! :)

Sorry just could not resist

Juts waiting for your reply

Anyway, you went rhough all the general Cleaning air filter, carb and stuff I assume ?

Have you looked at the plug and validated if you are atleast getting good spark ?

i cleaned the airfilter before my race on saturday, i bet its probably dirty again though. i havent cleaned the carb. and i believe im going to try the blue wire cut if this happens again

i have not looked at the plug yet


Not sure the blue wire would contribute to this, maybe a real dirty carb but sounds like you are pretty meticulas on keeping things clean.

Maybe if the spark is weak then there might be a short somewere. Validate first before doing blue wire my suggestion..

Not Sure other then that

good luck

i think i may of just screwed myself by letting it sit for that many days and not having fuel in it and kicking it without choke on and no blips.

im going to replace the plug and try it.

next time it sits for that long, im makin sure theres fuel in it, turnin fuel on, choke on, and 2 blips. jeez, what made me not do it this time? :)


Is it just me, or am I just the only one noticing that the 01's have this issue more than the others. Ive only had my bike do that once, and Im pretty sure it was my fault as I lost my balance while kicking and had to basically abort the kick and catch the bike and myself at the same time wackin the throttle open like i was out of the gate at a national. (stupid corona's, the limes, it had to be the limes :) )Ive run mine to death, got her good and muddy and unfortunatley had to put her away "wet" lots of times. Always fired up while dripping wet after the wash. Im wondering if there isnt something funky in the 01 ignition map.

when i first got my bike i was like, "cool, my bike doesnt foul plugs like the others!" because it didnt do it for the first 4 weeks i rode it. then it fouled one and now its on its 3rd or 4th in the past 2 months

I've found with my 01' that I can NOT blip the throttle at all if it's over 50 degrees F. I fouled three plugs this spring. Since then I did the blue wire mod and never touch the throttle and have not had a problem since. Takes three or four kicks when cold and always starts first kick when warm. Good luck.

I had the same exact problem with my 01 . Until i set my idle a little faster and did the blue wire mod . I used to dread trying to start this thing , now I I dont even think about it . I know it will start. ( since the blue wire mod ) but dont cut it . Just pull it out of the harness . See motomans website. I guarantee if you try this , you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner. Also I have yet to do the BK Mod . More becouse I have yet the balls to tear into something unless I have problems. DO THE BLUE WIRE MOD !!!!

My '01 started having the same exact problem (run great one day then not start the next) and the solution for me was changing brands of gas. It did not like mobil brand gas (no problem when using chevron or sunoco). Give it a try, it's free and easy.

Also I learned (the hard way) that if these things don't start after a few kicks then give up and change/clean the plug.

does the blue wire mod bump up the rev limiter in neutral to the "in gear" limiter?

I have an 01' and my bike has never had the fouling problem...however if I accidently blip the gas when the bike is cold....

With the decomp lever in....I kick the bike 10 or 15 cycles...then pull the starts every time...first kick. The very second it fires I push the choke in and keep the revs up until the sputtering stops. If you leave the choke are asking to foul a plug.

I just assumed that everyone knows that you can get those gas fumes out of the engine by kicking it over....and over...with the decomp lever in.

I've started alot of thumpers for guys that think they fouled plugs but after going through these steps the bike fires...

I started mine this past Sunday after it sat for 13 days. It was clean, but hadn't been started. Weather was sunny and about 70 degrees. Fuel on, choke on, one full twist and she fired first kick. Maybe I just got a magic leg? :)

she lives again! :) its amazing what the sound of an engine will do to your emotions. yesterday i woulda sold it, today i love that thing to death. im definitly gonna try that blue wire disconnect and see how that goes.

i have a question about it though to the guys that have done the blue wire disconnect...when that wire is disconnected, does your neutral rev limiter move up to the in gear limiter of 13,500? if you dont know, theres a simple test you can perform: start it, rev it in neutral, im sure you remember where it used to limit out. does it keep going or does it stop at 11,XXX like it used to?

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