Clutch wearing out? Questions...

My clutch is stock Yamaha friction and metal plates. The problem that just started is it grabs really bad all of a sudden. In the past it has always been a little grabby when its cold, but now its grabbing really bad even when its warmed up. Its grabbing so bad its hard to get rolling in first gear. Is it just wearing out? Did I burn them? I did have a good clutching session on a vertical hill with a wet rocky section...if you know what I mean.


Have you done the 2001 clutch Mod?

I am assuming you have but not assuming to much, because your explanation is characteristic of a 2000 clutch

The basket could be going bad, a worn clutch would be indicative of slippage at higher rpm 3 4 & 5 gears

Sounds like you have worn them out. I would be willing to bet that when you open up the basket that you will find that the steel plates are solid black. When the fiber wears almost completely down it's almost like having metal to metal on a brake rotor, except the harsh grab is on take off instead of stopping. DP makes a very affordable clutch replacement kit that comes with both steel and fiber plates plus new springs at a very good price. Additionally under normal riding conditions they will outlast the stock equipment 2 to 1.

Bonzai :)

No, I haven't done the 2001 clutch mod....what is it? How does a basket go bad? I've done a few MC clutches before, but never saw/heard of a worn basket...? Do the tangs wear down and allow the plates to move around?

I always thought when the clutch goes south it slips. But Yamakaze's scenario does make sense. I'll probably tear it down saturday and see where I'm at.

Before you guys flame me...I found the mod. Sounds easy.

I just performed the clutch mod on mine. I was having the exact same problem with my bike. The mod fixed it completely and works excellent now. Definatly worth the $110 bucks I spent. :)

I did the mod a few weeks ago and replaced my cable.

It made a HUGE difference ! :)

I have the 01' and my clutch started getting grabby and making a strange noise when I took off. I disassembled the clutch and found that it was fairly worn but the plates were still in spec, though towards the worn side of the spec. But the innermost metal plate had a groove in it where the spring washer thingie was rubbing on it. I rearranged the order of the metal plates and that cured my problem, at least until it wears some more. Maybe the same will work for you until you can buy new clutch parts.

Yes the basket can wear, it will get grooves in the fingers (where the fiber plates contact) and possibly on the inner hub (where the metal plates contact).

Yes the basket can wear, it will get grooves in the fingers (where the fiber plates contact) and possibly on the inner hub (where the metal plates contact).


Thats what I was going to say. These groves can be deep enough to habg the fiber tabs. A file can fix that real quick.

If you rep[lace the clutch replace it with the 2001 fix and new fiber? :D

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