04 Yz125 forks on a 05 Yz125

Hi all, First post here. I need some help.

Ive just bought an 05 yz 125 for a good price but it needs some work. One of the forks has some pretty severe pitting of the chrome on the stanchion towards the bottom near the brake caliper mount.

Ive found a pair of good condition forks from an 04 yz250 for a very good price, from the research ive done its seems that both the 04 & 05 forks are 48mm but are different, with the 05 fork regarded as being better than the 04, but not as good as the 06 + sss forks.

Im looking for the cheapest way to get me riding, Will I be able to make the 04 forks work with my 05 triple clamps, brakes, wheel, axle, spacers etc? If not does anyone know what hardware id need to make it work?

Finally, as a last resort, does anyone know if i could swap the stanchion from the 04 fork into my 05 forks?

Thanks, Andrew

I think it will go on ,the 04 fork on the 05


The leg won't fit the 05 fork as the lugs are different internally ,you might be able to use the chrome stantion but changing lugs is a horrible job



I think you're better off replacing the tube. With the 04 250 forks you're going to have to get new springs also. If they were from a 125 it would be ok. Personally I like the 05 forks better than the 06...

Thanks, appreciate the reply.

 I’m guessing I couldn’t use the springs from the 05 forks in the 04? 


Don't think so

Looks like I need to correct myself on this one as I had it backwards. The 05 springs are 8mm shorter than those on the 04 model. You can make a preload spacer easy enough to compensate for the shorter spring. For some reason RT recommends preload spacers on the 04 forks be located on the bottom........

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