Very Cool Artical From Roger Decoster


"Back in the day" Popular Cycling had some MX posters. One was a Roger D, railing a berm at Carlsbad. The handle bar was almost touching the ground, his foot so far forward (to clear the ground) you could see the whole sole of his boot (pic taken head-on). Man, I'd give a pretty penny to have one of those posters, nice enough to frame.

There was also one of a guy jumping at the top of the uphill at Carlsbad, on a black tanked (fiberglass) CZ. His name was John Caldwell an old friend of mine.


the good ole days.........

I had that poster in me garage for years...

Oh ya them were the dayTrans-Ama were are you

Mikkola, everts, howerton, lakey, Joel Robert,

I remember in high school, going to Mountian High MX (out side of Fresno, near Bass Lake) and watching this old guy, on a BSA with a home made frame, whoop up on all the youngsters.

That man was the Mann......Dick Mann!

and then two months ago to see a photo (Racer X) of one friend racing and another standing in the pits of the first stadium MX, now known as Supercross.

Nothing like California in the heyday of MX (70's)


Oh Ya Bugsy

I had that famous poster of him in a full lock slide, looking at the camara with his tongue hangin out. in the garage to. He was on his 40"r.............

Used to go to Carnagie in Livermoore and watch the Trans-AMA races when the Euro;s would come here for races and we would go there. Oakland Raiders coluseum hosted those staduim crosses, Hannah, glover, bailey, all the good guys.......

Never missed a San Jose Mile or Sac Mile

Ya the glory days we could go on. I was speaking to Mark_UK about the Supermotared in Europe, I said heck we invented that back in the 70's, Carslbad had a race there every year went there too and watched. Thats when Dirt trackers, MX'rs and RR'r got together on XL350's with wright Bros setups and all did some seriuos racing there. Cant remember what they called that.....

Superbikers.........yea, we could go on all night :) Love'd it when they used to fly down the pavement (with high speed wobble) and "back it in" to the chicane.




those were so cool,,, seeing the dirttrack guys sliding through all the street stuff then RR guys hanging and the MX guys just hoolding on..

ya baby those was the days and memories

Do i feel a romatic chat around here? :)

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Romantic........NO, Nostalgic..........YES :)


Kids these days

What do you expect from guys who think that Maico is some sort of Car Paint Place :)


If you had only seen and experianced what Bill And I are reminising on.

Nowadays its all advertisemnt promotion and hoopla. The pros back then got paid nothing but room and board, and got to keep the winnings, BTW they split that with there Factory mechanics working for room and board also... Go watch

on any sunday and look at malcom smith do his thing. Man he was freestyling on 6 inches of travel. Malcom in his day flew in the desert......

I wonder what ever happened to Mart Tripes,Marty Smith,Tommy Croft, Bengt Aberg, etc. I'm 45yrs. old. I remember the day.

45 also

Marty smith owns No Fear I believe

Marty tripes just raced the YROC Yamaha race Of Champions down in LA I think he is a promoter not sure

Geez Bent Auberg man that was a racer. The rumer was he never worked out a day in his life and smoked and drank like a fish.....

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Ya know that might make a cool post were are they now type thing what ya think

if anyone knows where to get that poster of Decoster mentioned by Bill, I'd really appreciate the info. I've been looking for one for some time now! All this talk brings back memories of

74 and my Hodaka Super Combat!!!!! It was soooo trick with it's 3 inches of travel and all. That sucker would scream! Well, at least the way I remember it! :)

I have memories of Gary Scott and Kenny Roberts now senior, riding the 250 class at Ascot in the 60's. Shorty Seaborne, with his 16' wheels so he could touch the ground. And Dave Aldana with the throttle pinned coming into turn 1 and totally spinning out, never lifting, getting up and finishing 3rd in a 8 lap semi! My dad was and still is a total flat track fan, so most of my memories are of guys going 120 and throwing it sideways on old english twins.

What about Gene "burrito" Romero. His family lives in my home town.


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I just sent an email to Super Hunky. Maybe he knows where we might buy those posters???


Oh ya man seeing the brelsford bros full lock and working it at sac and sanjose miles

Man nobody rode the miles like the brelsfords specially Mark

Jim Rice, Odem, Bouchamp, hocking, nixon, aldana, roberts, mert, bubba masters simply masters......

I have a crap load of old rags and pics, I am gonna start posting them monday >>>>

Stay tuned

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Thanks for the walk down memory lane! As a litte 'moto-head', I remember attending the US GP of Motocross in Carlsbad several times during the 70's. My Dad was a police officer and worked security while on horseback over the entire weekend to stop people from crawling thru the fields and hopping the fence without paying. The cool part was that after cheering your favorite riders to victory, I was a big DeCoster fan, we would get to ride the course while the site was being secured. Those were the days! Ego - I am looking forward to your pictures on Monday since I was in my early teens back then and could have cared less about a camera. :)

Keep Roostin',


I got a reply from the Hunkster and he said he made a couple of calls and could not locate any posters or leads :)


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