Very Cool Artical From Roger Decoster

I went to my first pro motocross in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin in 1973. It was an international GP and most of the stars were there except for the guy I wanted to see, Joel Robert. Lackey was clowning around near the starting line with a Yamaha MX60. That bike had a square bore/stroke and would actually run backwards. Lackey had his mechanic push the bike backwards until it started while he sat on the bike backwards and rode it. Once it gained some speed, Lackey couldn't control it and he would just bail off. Lackey knew how to have fun.

I walked to the Husqvarna pits and saw Bengt Aberg sitting crosslegged on his bike. Once I got near him, I realized the bike was not on a stand and he was sitting there perfectly balanced.

Thinking about those times reminds me of why I love this sport so much.

Many of us older geezers remember reading magazines in the late 60's and early 70's that regularly ran photos of the guy on a Husky whose dog rode with him perched on a piece of Astro Turf tied to the gas tank. This guy competed in the B to V hare and hound, Baja, and numerous desert races in Southern Cali. He had a short piece in "On Any Sunday". That dog would use body english as he leaned into his master's chest. The dog could actually read terrain and react to bumps. Cool stuff. I'm gonna tear up.

Boit you got it right on the head, These were the greats the heros, the ones that avery snot nosed lil mx'r wanted to be.

I will have some pics on by monday I can not find my cache of oldies mags. Still looking but not on Moomies day :)

Gotta go before I am caught

I have a rag (Dirt Bike) with his pic I think, I cant remember his name ya that guy was a rip

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Don't know who the rider was but, the dog was Cookie". I think I read where Cookie ran off into the desert, never to be found but, one of Cookies off-spring continued to ride the tank.


Thats right !

I thnk it was Martinaz his last name,,

One day the family a I were doing a little spring cleaning,(just before the garbage man arrived)finished up, garbage man left, a little while later I asked my wife if she saw a box with all of my vintage motorcycle books in it. You guessed it! Garbage man. She heard about that dont ya know!!!

If any of you have more leads on those posters, lemme know. I'd love to get my hands on that DeCoster poster. I'm too young to remember the greats of that era but can still appreciate them. I'll send off a few Emails tomorrow to see if I can't come up with any leads myself.


The poster of RD on the upper left and the one of Joel Robert on the lower right are two of the posters from the Popular Cycling series.

Maybe this guy (AMS) knows????


Thats what I figured So I posted the site, I was going to call in the AM

I am formating the Old MX pictures, this may take a few days, But here are some 80's Milers Guess:

Whos Who










Next Yes This is a 4 Cyl TZ750 :) Roberts was quoted "They Dont Pay Me Enough To Ride That Thing"



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