Upcoming So Cal road trip -- new rider.. where to go?


I'm headed down from Northern California in late April/May with my wife and our two dogs. We're just trying to have a relaxing vacation with our dogs and go around and eat at some good places / beaches etc. We were thinking LA but even as far as San Diego sounds good. Wife gave me the a-ok to bring my bike so I can sneak out out a bit to ride. Any suggestions on where to stay?



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More info pahleeze...bike? What type of riding? Dez/ Mtn/track...what flavor? IMO, If you're stay'n near the coast, then plan on driving a bit to go for a ride. Places to stay? What's your budget? Ritz, Motel 6, or camp'n in the sticks? If you make it as far south as San Diego, then consider north Baja as a possible ride too. Nice time of the year to be in SoCal.

Bike: Husky FE250

Type of Riding: Trails / Single Track / Dessert (Anything beginner-ish friendly)

Where I'm staying: Planning to get an AirBNB at one or two cities. I'm thinking Wife will like Santa Monica area or San Diego for food/drinking. I've never ridden Moto out there so not super familiar with what's around.


If you want to stay in a town with access to a variety of good riding, go to Santa Monica.  If you are looking for good food and nice bars, hit San Diego.  Also, there is a HUGE selection of craft breweries just north in North County off Hwy 78 (dubbed “Hops Highway”).  Something like in excess of 40 breweries within about a 10 mile radius.  IMO, riding opportunities in San Diego are more limited.  Corral Canyon, about 45 minutes east of San Diego is the best riding in the area.  Many will boast about Ocotillo Wells, but I think it sucks.  Used to be great in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but now it is mostly whoops and rocks.  ATVs and overuse have ruined it.  There is really good dual sport riding through Anza Borrego State Park, but you have to know where to go or have a guide.  

From Santa Monica, you can hit Hungry Valley, Rowher Flats/Drinkwater Flats, and the vast Mojave Desert.  All easily doable as a day trip, but you will be hit with some pretty stiff traffic on the way home.  I am sure there will be fine dining, bars, and shopping there.

I am more familiar with what’s available in SD, as I lived in North County for 34 years before moving when I retired.

22 hours ago, JoogJohn said:

Type of Riding: Trails / Single Track / Dessert 


Mmmm dessert

Baclava is my favorite

2 minutes ago, The Anvil said:

Baclava is my favorite

I had Boston cream pie last night

57 minutes ago, DEARHOLE_YZ250F said:

I had Boston cream pie last night

She's from Boston ?

She's from Boston ?

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