I'd like to turn my UK 2004 DRZ400S back to stock airbox (snorkel) and jets, needle shim position etc

When I bought it the PO had fitted a Sigma6 kit and done the 3x3 mod but is doesn't have a tapered needle like the JD and other kits. Took me ages to get it running right, however it still runs rich and I'm fed up of arsing around with it. 

So I've bought a standard airbox without 3x3 hole, stock exhaust.

Q1 The Suzuki manual says this Mukuni BSR36 (29FA) carb should have a 142.5 Main Jet but the Clymer manual say its a 135.  In UK everything's from sea level to 1000m. I'm in Sheffield so nothing gets above 500m even in the Peaks (Hills). Any UK owners or anyone else know what the correct jet should be?

Q2 Says the original needle is a '5DH36-2nd'. The needle has 5 notches on it. Currently set at 2 clip from bottom. The Suzuki reference says needle is 5DH36-2nd, Does the 2nd bit mean 2nd from top or bottom?

Q3 - Does anyone have a detailed photo of the shim order just in case it was assembled wrong. (mine is attached)

I know most people on here are going to be horrified I'm taking back to stock but any help on above would be really appreciated.




Mikuni BSR36.JPG

Moving the E-clip up will lean the mixture - probably why its running rich


Hi Thanks For reply. I found if I moved it up one it just tended to splutter a bit at mid range from memory. I just want to put her back to stock, thanks for carbs diagram btw.

Anyone got info on the other questions?

142.5 is stock main in UK

2nd from top

Parts diagram above shows correct order


They run shite on std jetting. Mine woulnt even pull away without stalling even on choke in cold weather. The OE needle is too fat on the initial parrallel section causing it to way too lean to the point it dies under load.

Fit a Dynojet kit and you will be happy. Had mine in for 13yrs and it runs good

Hi Graham,

I looked through the PO parts that came with the Sigma6 kit and the original jet that was fitted was a 134 (clearly written on the main jet)? I wonder if it was even from this bike?!

I'll fit a 142.5 Main jet for now with the clip 2nd from top, mix screw 3 turns out with a stock exhaust and stock airbox I've just bought. I'll see how I get on. If not I'll do as you suggest and get a Dynojet kit. I don't suppose you remember what jets and settings you used, it was 13 years ago....did you keep everything else stock or do the usual mods?



3 x 3

140 Main

22.5 Std pilot jet (even though on TT it suggests you go up to 25 but USA bike have a different pilot air jet)

DJ needle with clip 2nd from top

DJ slide spring

Fuel screw 2 turns out

Float height needed setting to the high end of its spec (ie lowest fuel level) @14mm to avoid a bog/hiccup when cracking the throttle open from closed ie on the overrun (this was the only way to solve it as I couldn't tune it out with jetting/clip position on the needle without it affecting something else.

Std UK S Model exhaust unmodified

details in here




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The sigma6 jet kit fitted may well be a DynoJet kit in a different box

I bought mine as a FMF Jet kit, but the instructions inside had DynoJet on them confirming it was the same kit just in a different box



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