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I need some WR426 advise BAD!!!!!!!

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Ok here is the deal: 2001 WR426 with 4 rides approx 100miles.

1ST Symptom:On the 3rd ride the Bike made terrible noize from left side case.

1ST Problem: The flywheel was deformed from the stator magnets coming off of the stator destroying stator & inside of flywheel.

1ST Solution: Yamaha warranty approved for replacement Stator & flywheel.

These were installed correctly.

2ND Symptom:On the 4th ride bike ran great for 30min. After cooldown it was restarted.

Then at idle - same thing terrible clanking noize from left side of case.

2ND Problem: Took the case apart & same exact thing - stator destroyed, inside of flywheel destroyed.

2ND Solution ?????????????????????????????

I am at a complete loss of what is going on. There is no vibration, as one would imagine from misaligned crank. There is no play in the crank arm that the flywheel attaches to.

The kick starter is smooth through the stroke.

Do any of you have any ideas what could be the cause of this??? I guess that I will have to get Yamaha Field Mgr. involved. Any help will be very appreciated.

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Is it the stator that is coming loose or the Fly wheele. If its the stator, use some lock tite on it, if its the fly wheele, make sure the tapper and keyway are clear before putting it back on and torquing it down with lock tite on the bolt, It kind of sounds like you are saying the magnets are breaking loose from the stator! I have never seen this where it was not rubbing. And to happen twice! If the crand is out of balance some where you may not feel it because of the counter balancer spinning, but the crank can still be shaking. Silicone is a great absorber of vibration, if the magnets are comming loose, maybe use silicone adhesive around the magnets. I agree that this shold not be happening on a new bike or any bike that dose not have Harley Davidson stamped on it some where, take it back and get another one from your dealer, you may have a lemon. :)

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