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Jon Stewart

Help identifying 250 please, and electrics question too

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Hi All, I wonder if anyone can help me identify my bike as I'm struggling to get correct wiring diagrams to get it wired up for an mot.

I bought it with 1994 licence plate (I'm in the uk) and paperwork. It has kick start only, no battery. It's obviously been imported to uk back in 2001as it says so on the v5 logbook  but I don't know where from. It has brakelights, headlight, tail light, Speedo (although it has 350 front and rear end so I'm guessing the Speedo isn't original also).

The frame number has been covered in powdercoat but is partially legible and it seems to corresponds with the v5 paperwork. The number is: SJ44A-****** (six numbers which I won't share online). This format doesn't seem to match up with the suzuki frame numbers for US or UK bikes though. The v5 logbook shows it as a suzuki 250.

I got a clymer manual and looked at all the wiring diagrams (I want to add indicators and a horn for mot) but going by my CDI none of the models in the manual match my bike. My CDI has 10 wires coming out of it (an extra orange wire not shown on the diagram) - plus the kick start only diagrams don't have brakelights and brake switches etc on them.  

Any ideas?

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Thanks, but im still confused. At the bottom of the spec sheet for the djebel on that page it says 'battery 12v'. Mine doesn't have a battery nor does it have the associated wiring or cdi for a battery 😐


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Thanks. I saw those (but in Japanese) on a different site. They unfortunately don't show the electrics properly though - I need to see the wiring diagrams to accurately identify it by the number of wires to the CDI and their colours 

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