RMX250 vs YZ400F

I could use some feedback, My son is getting into off road riding so I have starting getting back into it as well.  We mostly do trail riding but did some MX track riding last year and he loved it andso did I.  I have a 2003 TTR 225, it's nice that it has an electric start but the suspension is too soft and it doesn't have enough power for my liking.  When I was riding the MX track I was having issues bottoming out on the larger jumps.  I want to change to a more off-road capable bike.   I won't ride it much and don't want to spend a lot of money, I think I prefer a 2 stroke, when I was younger, in 1990, I raced an 89 RM250 and loved it.  I am looking at a 96 RMX 250  and a 98 YZ400F, both bikes look to be in good condition and around a thousand dollars.  I like the RMX because I think kicking a 2 stroke 250 should be easier than a 4 stroke 400 and the simplicity of the 2 stroke engine.  The 400 sounds good because of the low end torque I assume it has but the cost of rebuilding the 4 stroke if needed worries me and I have heard they are hard to start. Should the RMX be decent for an occasional trip to an MX park?  Any thoughts on these two bikes? 

The 400 is going to be terrible... The RMX will be a much better bike... 

I built a 1997 RMX250 for my dad last fall for his birthday (Plastics, shock shortened, misc missing hardware and a carb rebuild) I also rode a 1997 RMX for 3 years after I got divorced 7 years ago and my riding budget was tight. The RMX holds up well against newer machines compared to other trail/enduro bikes of the same vintage. Parts are easy to find and the oem parts available are reasonably priced. The motor is smooth, the clutch is easy to pull, the suspension is decent and the bike is flat out easy to ride. Buy the RMX, keep the powervalve clean (It's only true weakness) and smile all day long. 




The YZ was a decent bike...20 years ago. It's not worth the hassles or risk today. The RMX however is based on your beloved 89, which was a great bike btw. I'd go with the Suzuki.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback,  I'm going to try to pick up the RMX this weekend, If I can get the seller to respond.  

I had a 99 YZ 400f. It was a fun bike, had good bottom end, but was a bitch to start and was heavy as hell. I moved on to a KTM 450 and loved it for a couple of seasons then made the leap to the 2 stroke side and have never regretted it. I would suggest the RMX. I was looking at one but it was sold out from under me so I ended up with a KX 250 that I turned into a woods bike and I love it. Light, flickable, and with the Rekluse and Fly wheel weight, I can chug it whenever I want.

correct decision made!

Rmx for sure,my brother has one that was a pro racers bike and it's built,the thing hauls

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