1999 WR400 parts, parting out bike

Hey guys, I have a buddies 1999 wr400 that is complete and running. I am parting it out and selling everything. I have posted in the for sale forum, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up. If anybody needs any parts, respond or send me a PM, make an offer, it all has to go! :)

reminder, all parts still available except carb.

Update - Except carb and -

wheels, airbox, front master cylinder and rads. They're going in my spare parts stockpile. :)

Does your buddy know :)?

you got mail

Will you consider parting :) with a left hand (w/o filler) radiator?

You got more mail.

How about the piston and cylinder? I need new ones but I would consider used in decent condition at the right price. I would need the micrometer measurements to know if they are still within tolerances before purchasing.

yep, thanks frostbite, that stuffs gone. Got alot of other parts still. The engine is all together still. Anybody need a good running engine? How about the rear shock? Forks? Swingarm, or subframe? Odometer even? How about a cdi, or a rear brake assembly? pipe or head pipe? fuel tank or seat? come on guys buy this stuff. I got blue bike crap all over my garage................. :)

A bit sooner I could've used a lot of that stuff. I just got a new rear shock


to replace this mess


and cracked my muffler, couldn't weld it, and just bought a new one.


My studs are starting to wear through my coolant overflow bottle though, maybe I should take that too. :)

I have one, with all the hoses. Let me know! :)


What about that radiator (LH w/o filler for wr400)? I know you said you wanted it for your stock, but I'm still interested if you want to move it (or not have to move a year from now :))

Let me know.

Just wondering...

If the bike is complete and running then why are you selling it in parts? Why not sell it complete and running?

Why are YOU selling it for your buddy?

It's not a hot bike is it?

The radiators are both gone.

The bike belongs to a friend (term used very lightly). He moved to upstate NY, and could not take his bike. I have stored it for over a year. He had until the end of this month to pay to have the bike shipped to him. He couldn't raise the jack, and I don't have room to warehouse his bike. I am parting out his bike, at his request, and sending him the money.

Hope this helps with any doubts you may have about my selling a running bike.



What is the VIN number on the frame?

I will have to pull the paperwork when I get home to find out.

One good reason is more money. If you bought a WR piece by piece form the dealer it would cost a heck of a lot more than the one on the floor. A friend of mine owned a body shop and would rarely sell wrecked cars complete, there's a lot more loot in parts, and you have a larger market, everybody that owns one instead of someone who is ready to buy one. I don't want the whole bike, but do need some parts and this is abetter deal than new. If Chris can sell everything he'll help a lot of us out and get more money than if he sold it as a used ride. He's gotta advertise it, pull it apart, send out the stuff, and deal with lots of crap so if he can make a few bucks doing it, more power to him. :)

Yeppers, these babies are selling used for $1700-$2300. Then you gotta figure in shipping. At the rate I am going, I will get $2200 out of this bike, after shipping is paid for. granted my cut is small, since most of the proceeds are goin to the owner, but it is just easier this way.

But it is kinda neat to see some of you play detective, as if someone would actually steal a Yamaha.... :D:)

By the way, the tank is gone, seat is gone, front fender is gone. Still have the frame, engine, rear shock, front forks, pipe, header, cdi and other wiring, odometer, rear brake assembly.............

What do you want for the engine?

Do you still have any parts available?

I need a fuel tank (complete) if you got it.



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