TT Graphic rough draft

Just trying to keep this thread at the top for a while to ensure everyone sees it...


I would like a little bit of orange or red, instead of grey.

Just my opinion.

Looks pretty good to me too. Is the over run on the right side suppose to be there or is that just a photo effect?

Great job Ben.... You cannot please everyone if you try nothing will get finished. My 1 cent... not busy enough, less yellow, more silver and add white on the shroud. If you decide for Yamaha approval I also live close by & can drop them off.....

how much? and when are they ready?

Sorry for not responding sooner guys.

I've been answering the thread posted above.

As far as completion date..there are a lot of factors to deal with. Right now the biggest factor is completion of design work. My computer hard drive failed two weeks ago and I'm still trying to recover.

I will let everyone know when there is news to report.


How much, I'll buy one set.

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