Paper oil filters in 426?

Well I guess its time to get back on Thumpertalk. Been on all winter. Is it OK to run the paper oil filters in the 426? They don't restrict oil flow, do they?

yes, works fine.

I just picked up a Yam. filter for my 450 the other day and noticed it listed the 426 and 450 on the package for applications, so I would assume its good to go.

I thought the 426 stock oil filter was metal mesh? :) Is one better than the other?

Sure I read somewhere that the stock filter allolwed 'bigger' particles through the mesh, although 'bigger' is relative and still extremely small. Think the paper traps smaller particles but cannot be cleaned and re-used. Some folks I hear prefer the Scotts stainless steel filter

I thought the 426 stock oil filter was metal mesh? :D Is one better than the other?

One of them you pull out and put in the trash, along with your $$. The other you pull out and make sure you get every micron of filth off of it, and plug it back into your engine hoping you did, so you don't have to throw away $$ for engine parts. Does that help? :)

On my 426 I changed the filter twice, changed oil every 3rd ride (Amsoil 4st) and never had a problem, it had the wire filter. On the 450 it has a paper filter and Belray dino. now Rotella T, no problems thus far - what can I say? I think with religious maintenance (all around ) you nor I will ever know the answer to which is better :D

i have raced baja 1000's, and 24 hour of glen helens just to name two and i have never had a problem. If you do your homework as well as yamaha you will see that the only people who have problems are the ones who change thier oil when they are fixing the problem they caused by not changing it. :)

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