I have a question about Turning

I just got my first bike, My friend told me that when I am going into a turn, I should standup and gas through with my foot on the ground Like a BMX rider.

I dont understand how I can do this..

[ May 09, 2002: Message edited by: Ducman ]

You sit down unless your REALLY good. Sitting lowers the center of gravity, giving you more control of the bike. Putting out your foot both gives you balance and puts a little more weight on the front tire, aiding turning traction. I tap down my foot every so often to save me from going down. Scooting up close to the tank also puts less weight on the rear tire allowing it to come around better, and putting more weight on the front tire, keeping it from slipping out.

In addition to the other post. Your friend might be refering to applying pressure to your outside foot peg in a turn. Gives the bike more traction. You can also stand before entering the turn then sit shifting wieght forward on the tank as you give it throttle and out you shoot on the other side ahead of your buddy.

You should practice coordinating all theat stuff until your smooth and fast.

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