Baja GPS Maps?

We are down in Baja looking for new routes every other weekend. Looking for the best GPS maps to help? What are the maps you guys trust? We have found some inconsistancies and out dated maps. Any suggestions?

I found Garmin's worldmap mapbase with the beta file internet update to be really good and up to date anywhere in the world.

best maps;

Baja Almanac, Norte and Sur ..etc(

Baja GPS guidebook - Vol1 (Lizard Lady)

For Software... I use a Magellan TOPO, but it doesn't get down to local streets in Mex. Just the highways. But those are default in my GPS.

Anyone have local roads and streets in Mex from a software program?? AND.. that's downloadable to your GPS (either Garmin or Magellan)?!?!? :)

I'd switch to Garmin products if they have more detail. But so far my Magellan is working killer!

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