Mex Ride recap and GPS topo pictures....

Hey folks... just thought I'd relay my ride recap from this weekend.

I posted it to my (enter the forum) or

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Here's the ride recap, but no attachments.

Rueben and I unloaded at KOA in Tecate… and began to prep our bikes

and equipment. We were a little late… and ended up leaving KOA about

9:15 or so in the morning. Usually we'd leave about 8:15… I wasn't

too worried as with only two of us we can make up the time. Just

before we headed out… a guy named Eddy rode up and talked to us

about where we were headed. He said his friends didn't show up… so

he asked to hang with us for about 20 miles. No problem… just keep

up. J We headed out. The weather was perfect… not a cloud in the

sky. Rueben had even asked if we should wear our jackets. I

said "hell ya"… I always wear mine… no matter what. Once we dropped

off Eddy… and picked up the speed… it was a killer ride. Running

into some traffic as it was Easter weekend … but we made the most of

it. We arrived at Laguna Hanson (where we stop and get fuel and a

beer high up in the mountains) about 65 miles from the truck. While

we relaxed … Rueben heard a loud thump! Another motorcycle rider

coming down the road… had hit a truck going the opposite direction!

A dirt biker hit a SUV that was coming around a blind corner. And

from what we heard the locals say… he may have broken his leg. They

were just too far away for us to see exactly… and they had plenty of

people helping. So we gassed up and headed out, being even more

careful of the traffic as it could be anywhere on the roads and

trails. (Remember.. .these road are dirt… and very rough. It's not

odd to see a car on the road… trying to get from point A to B.)

We traveled about 100 miles so far when I decided to take a `fun'

route. It's not as fast as the `main' route… but it's so much more

fun… and less traveled by the locals. So it's actually les dangerous

too. We took this to a point where we found a farmer was putting in

a new fence. He had abandoned the old fence… and was installing the

new. However… his fence was crossing our road. So we were able to

squeeze past his new and old fencing. But to do this… I had to ride

my quad over some big bushes, trying to miss cactus and large

branches. I guess I didn't miss them… as I soon found out that I

punctured my tire. It was now flat. I continued to ride it a bit to

see just how far we could make it down the road. Where we were

stopped once again as the fence now crossed the road, and it wasn't

passable. Instead of me being a Gringo and cutting the fence, we

decided to go back around and see if I could find a way to make it

back to the main route. Obviously… now time mattered. And we'd have

to haul some butt. But before that, I had to fix my flat. So I took

out my tools and patch kit… plugged the tire… aired up… and headed

out once again. Down time was about a half hour. Plus the re-route

time. We were WAAAAY behind schedule now! We ended up having to go

back up North… the opposite way we were supposed to go. And about

100+ miles out of our way. (See screen shot 2). But we managed to

get back on the main route… and head South once again.

Another 30 miles… and we started to see clouds. Some of them dark.

But no worries… we were cruising pretty good and I've been here

before when it sprinkled. It makes it nice as it helps remove the

element of dust. And makes the ride more enjoyable. We came to an

area where it was now a tad bit more wet… and it was now sprinkling.

So lightly I was surprised the ground was so moist. And there was no

standing water or puddles. Ahhh… nice and cool… and no dust now!!

That all changed… really quick!

We now came to an area that had standing water. All over the place.

Wow… it must have really rained in this area. And me riding the

quad… I was trying to stay dry and out of the rain puddles. It

wasn't working too well… and not any better when Rueben rode by me

and splashed me. NOW I was wet. Only on the surface as my gear is

pretty rain resistant. Not too bad… and pretty fun. It came to a

point where I couldn't ride in the road anylonger… it was beginning

to be a river. And the water was traveling down the road… at times

faster than we were riding!! I began to think… "Uh oh, this could

be bad". But still was trying to have fun with it. And now I was

more wet than before as I couldn't avoid any water. And the quad

pushes/splashes water out the front of the bike… which I run into.

Kind of hard to miss. J With the ground turning to mud, and below

a couple inches of water… Rueben was having a hard time staying

straight… and I was hydroplaning. It was hard for me to stay

straight and get traction… Kind of comical if you sit back and

watch it. Here's where it began to get reeeeaally interesting – We

came to some spots on the side of the road where we had to `find' a

place to cross the small streams. These streams were water that was

perpendicular to our path. We had to cross them or go around them.

And the more we looked… the worse they were all getting!! Deeper…

and faster! We found our way around a couple… with me having to get

off the quad and move it as I almost went through a stream that I

couldn't see bottom. The reason I couldn't see bottom was because

there was HAIL … Large hail floating on the surface. And the water

was way too muddy. When I tried to move my quad… I slipped in the

mud and fell down a few times. It was sooo slippery. We found

ourselves now concerned with how we were to get around this water…

and began looking for paths to higher ground. Rueben and I looked at

a crossing… gauged the trees and bushes in the stream to figure out

how deep it may be. And went for it. Both of us at the same time,

straight in. "WHOA!!!" The quad (and Rueben's bike) went completely

UNDER WATER!!! Rueben's bike died… mine ran for a bit with the

muffler and lights under water… then I shut it off to keep as much

water from being sucked into the motor. We were screwed! Panic set

in … as thoughts raced through my head. Rueben yelled to me over the

sound of the rain and stream…. "Who's bike are we gonna remove

first??", "Your's" I said! I quickly jumped off my quad and stood in

FREEZING cold water up to my belly. Now my boots were full of water…

and I was completely soaked head to toe and to the skin. I moved

over to where Rube's bike was… slipping in the mud and barely able

to get `upstream' to him. We contemplated how to get the bike out…

and just decided to move as quick as possible before hypothermia set

in. We got his bike out… but it wasn't easy. We pushed, pulled and

fell all over the place as the mud was like trying to get traction

on ice. Once out, we looked at the quad. Still somewhat in a state

of shock and panic… Rueben said, "We're never gonna be able to get

out the quad… look at that thing… it's buried in the water… and

it's too heavy…" Well, being positive and trying to keep up our

spirits… we got back in the water and pushed and pulled. Thank GOD

for the flotation of the tires… it helped us tremendously!!! We

were able to get the quad out… but again… it was very close to not

getting it. I was prepared to leave it. And Rueben was now talking

about `survival'… what would burn, how much food we had…. Etc. To

top this all off… we were about out of gas from the previous "Fence"

issue and having to ride so far out of our way. However we were only

10 miles from the highway. We thought about just how much water was

in the motors of these bikes… and decided what we were to do to help

get it out. We stood my quad on end (and what a chore that is when

your hands are frozen, the quad weighs a ton… and the mud is like

ice. Oh, and it's now raining, hard!!) the back end. Hoping any

water that entered… would leave. J All the while, there was more

hail and bushes stuck in any crevice or nook on my quad. It was a

mess. It looked like it may have been abandoned as it was already so

muddy and now cluttered with stuff. We tilted it back down and I

went to turn it over (It's electric start… with no kick starter) and

nothing! UH OH!! No battery?!?! Maybe it's a fuse or something I

thought. Hmmm… Let's think. Panic is now again apparent. However I

calmly thought what it could be… and wha-la! I remember I had to

pull in the clutch or be in neutral for it to turn over (start). I

put it into neutral and it began to crank. I opened the throttle

wide open… and it started!! It was burbling from the water and gas

being mixed… but it quickly came to life and ran perfectly!!!

*PHEW*!!!! I couldn't believe it! But just think, if my battery

was dead we couldn't `kick it' as it didn't have a kick starter. We

can't push start it… it's too muddy and slippery. So thank goodness

it started. Now we had to work on Rueben's bike. After draining his

carburetor of water and lifting his bike up to drain the rest of the

water… He hit the `start' button to have it turn over a couple

times… then stop. It had so much water in it… that it hydrolocked

(this is when the cylinder won't compress as the water has no place

to escape thus stopping the piston from compressing or `going up'

inside the cylinder itself). We have to remove the spark plug… and

to do this he had to remove his seat, and gas tank. Now remember…

it's raining, and we're muddy. Everything was muddy and wet. (Where

was my camera?!?! Nobody can comprehend how scary and `eye opening'

this is… until you're in the situation… trust me on this one). We

squirted out the water (by cranking it over and over) once the plug

was out… and poured some gas into the cylinder. Then squirted it out

as well. Put a new plug in… and put the tank and seat back on. With

fingers crossed he kicked it over… and within a few tries, it

started!!! Another huge **PHEW*!!! We now had to running bikes

once again, but with little gas.

We headed to scout better places to cross these mini rivers.

Upstream seemed to be the best places. But I couldn't travel too far

off the roads as they were lined with bushes, trees and cactus.

Rueben would scout as I waited. We crossed many streams and got to

where the road went into a large valley. Now there was a lake. A

huuuge lake. We found a way around it… and just as I thought we were

home free… we came to another raging rapid crossing. But this one

was not passable. I waded out into it… to see just how deep it was.

And… it was deep. Once again… standing in water with all my gear on

was not too fun. But necessary. Better me, then the bikes. We waited

and contemplated… thinking of just how and what we're to do. We

looked for better places to cross… other routes to take. All the

while we could faintly hear a vehicle off in the distance. But

figured he too was stuck or having troubles and we couldn't see him.

This went on for about an hour. We came back to the river where we

had to cross… and it had reseeded about 8". Still not enough for us

to cross. And it was moving waaaay too fast. But then, I saw the

truck. He too was trying to get to where we were, but from the

opposite side of this `river'. Hmm… maybe there is a way. Well,

Rueben and I decided at this point we were cold, wet, out of gas,

and thinking we might stay in a local town if we can get out. And to

get out… we thought we could go back the way we came hoping we had

enough gas to get to a local town I knew about. So we headed out in

that direction. We came back the way we had come… and saw the areas

where we were crossing. But now, the small rivers were gone… dried

up. The water was now standing in the spots where it wasn't too bad.

And where we sank our bikes. Hope was now restored (as it was also

getting sunny, and the clouds were breaking free). We came to a

ranch… where we also saw the Truck that was trying to cross!! This

means.. where he came from, we can go! I asked them if they'd sell

us gas… and `no' was the answer… but gas was "Diez Minutos" (ten

minutes) away the rancher said. He and the truck driver explained to

me (in Spanish) that there was a road behind his ranch on higher

ground… that would take us where we wanted to go. AWESOME! And we

headed in that direction… going easy as gas is still an issue.

We got to the highway… and I realized just how close we were to the

town and the gas we needed. So we picked up the pace, and headed to

gas. Once at the station, I used their water to wash my gloves and

goggles of the mud that caked up on them. We fueled… and decided

we'd head for San Felipe on the highway. A total of 85 or so miles

on pavement. Add to that it's Easter weekend… and the drunks who

drive that road… we had to be careful. Mind you it's about dark…

and Rueben's light was nothing to brag about. But it turned out

okay… we pulled into San Felipe about 10pm (remember… we left Tecate

just after 9am) and decided to eat before heading to `camp' 30

minutes out of town. After we ate our Carne Asada tacos… and a

couple Cokes… reminiscing of our ride, we headed to Santa Maria

where our friends were camped on the beach.

We came to the beach after about 25 minutes of pavement and

my `shortcuts'… Only to find Rueben stuck in the salty muddy muck

that is left when the tide rolls out. We were looking for a road to

cross this muck when Rube was up to his axle on his bike. I guess

the quad rolls right over it without burying. But not the two

wheeler. It sank! It took both of us pulling and about 20 minutes

to get his bike out. The muck had a suction that was just

incredible. And the more we pulled, the more it seemed to sink. But

once we got it out… we headed over to camp. Only Bobby Olimon and

Randy Chalfa were awake… and they had shined a light to give me a

heads up to where camp way. As there were no lights on… and it's

pitch black dark out on the coast of Mexico. All but our headlights

and a few small `camp' lights. After parking the bikes… and telling

war stories for a bit.. .we woke up Scott (as it's now 11:30pm or

so) who was allowing us to sleep in his trailer. We unpacked our

clothes which were soaked… and slept in whatever we had that was as

clean or dry. Boy were we glad to be there at that time!!!! What a


We ended up getting a ride home in a nice motorhome... deciding to

not ride home and enjoy the rest of our weekend.

WOW nice nice!!!

i wish i would of gone with you guys sounds like you guys had an adventure!!

:D :D :D:)

We're planning another ride on the 15th-16th of next month... to Mike's. If everyone can take a day off, we're headed to San Felipe again. :)

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