How to get over the "puss" factor?

I went riding at the track yesterday for the first time in about 4 weeks. (Knee injury, everthing is good though)

As I am rolling around the track, the corners feel pretty good, but then I get to the jumps and totally puss out. I know I could do them if I would just hit it, but that damn little voice in my head seems to be controlling the throttle hand lately. :)

Any advice would be appreciated.

Instead of trying to clear the jump, why don't you just take it slow and gradual. Remember how you started jumping?

I don't believe in the "trailer trash" mentality. It will get you hurt. Others will tell you to just "gas it" but it's not worth the risk.

I myself is coming off of a shoulder injury and is trying to get back into the groove of jumping.

Like all the "others" i say gas it! u don't have to go big, just get some air so u get the flow and feeling back.I'm the same way after taking a a good crash injury or not that little voice just gets louder if you sit there and think of what could happen. Just twist it and get back to feeling invinceble


You and I both said the same thing! We just said differently. :)

I agree. I have friends that thought it was more important to look cool while riding than to ride within their ability. They got hurt alot. Take your time getting back into it. The best advice I can give is: RIDE. The more time you have in the saddle the more confident you will feel. Even if you aren't clearing triples. Soon enough you will be clearing them without thinking.

Take your time, get back in the saddle, concentrate on having fun first bring the fun back into it before you get seriuos

or get serious before fun

Ahh I always get mixed up.....

Just have fun

Thanks for the encouragement,

I'm just frustrated. Before I get to the track I say to myself, I can do that, no problem.

Then I get there and say to myself, no way!

Oh well, I'll be out there Sat. trying again!

Definitely need more seat time.

Hokie, IM having the exact same problem. I was clearing every thing on the track, broke my collar bone, and instantly traded my riding pants for a freakin skirt. I'll tell ya this though, your pants magically reappear when you clear your first set of doubles. I practiced a lot on table tops with only small consequences for coming up short. I was never totally comfortable with 70 and 80 foot shots. Then ya throw in a trip to the ER, it just that much scarier, especially when your kids wanna know why you have to wear that "thing" all the time (ie cast, sling, whatever). I do this, I just remember Im not young anymore, and everytime I hit the ground with my body, its gonna take just that much longer to heal up. Careful doesnt hurt. Stupid does. You can be careful and clear things though.

A similar thing happened to me a few weeks back. I rode after a 6 week lay-off due to a knee injury. I overcame the problem by just focusing on one jump at a time and started with the safest ones. Once I nailed the first one, the ice was broken and I began to regain my confidence. Don't try to do everything the first fews times back on the track - be patient and it will come.

Find something small to jump to build up your confidence, then go larger/bigger & bigger.............

Again and this is my last

I quit riding altogether about 10 years ago for a few reasons. But the main reason was,,, I just could not concentrate on the fun factor

I was to worried on gettng hurt,,, That Dang Husky CR390 did not help matters but the fact was I just lost the spirit.........

Dont let it happen just take your time !! Have fun

Thats All I gotta Say Bout That

forest Gump

On the first day after I got my cast off of my foot last yr, I prepped my bike for the next day which was a MUST to ride. I had been in a cast since Cinco de Mayo (7 1/2 wks) I went and putted around for only the first lap. The second lap I picked up the pace and fealt very good for the length of time I had been away. I decided that the first double I would try was the littl 25'er. Made it no prob but did not do the dbl dbl dbl. Went to the back of the track on the 3rd lap and decided NOT to be a puss and get it overwith. I cased a 60-65' dbl like I had never cased anything b4!!! :D ouch :D

Two guys at the other end of the track in the pits heard it and came rushing over to see if I was ok cuz it was so loud! :D

I scared the schmidt out of myself but cut track and went right back to the same dbl and OVERjumped it! :)

Flipped across the track and hit it perfectly the 3rd tme!

JUst do what i s comfy for you! do NOT let peer pressure force you into ANYTHING! :D

I crashed real bad a few months ago. When I got back in the track, I became an instant roller. I thought my ribs were going to snap like tooth picks. In the end I decided to trail ride in the florida sugar sand and get my controls back in check.

It worked were I could get my confidence back. After that I came back to the track and swallowed some fear. I Gased it like a man and took the first jump. It felt like my very first jump again. It felt great.

Don't be a wuz and gas it. If you run around scared then you will probably get hurt and others hurt in the process.


Your not getting paid.

Its for enjoyment, better safe than sorry.

It will return. (fear factor-heuvos)

What is the best technique you guys use for jumping? Clutch in or out? Back brake or front brake? Landing in gear or with the clutch in?? the heck am I going to follow a "pro" into a jump if I can't maintain speed with him?

Westladog - have you ever ridden at Badlands MX?


Never let off the throttle on the face of a jump, the compression braking will put you on your head. If the front wheel is low while flying, rev the motor. If the front wheel is to high, pull the clutch in and dab the rear brake.

Sometimes jumping a double right out of a corner is use the clutch, not to rev the motor but, to control traction while building speed to clear the jump. If your going to land sideways :) , pin the throttle when you land and hope she straightens out.


Thanks BIll :)

Originally posted by THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER:

JUst do what i s comfy for you! do NOT let peer pressure force you into ANYTHING! :)

I don't need peer pressure, I'm already too hard on myself as it is.

Yesterday my friend (who is a fast A rider) said to me, "you must have been going fast cause I didn't pass you at all that session" I just downplayed it by saying "I felt like crap out there"

Maybe I should start listening to my buds more.

Anyway, I think Ego's advice about the fun factor is good. I have been too hard on myself at the track lately, tomorrow I'm just going to concentrate on having a good time.

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