How to get over the "puss" factor?


I have the sulution for you. Find a small, yet pretty safe jump, and get behind a fast rider and follow him over it, but remember when approching the jump maintain the same speed as he is. When I go to a track and there is a big double, are something that you need to hit perfectly, I jump in behind a pro rider and just follow him over it, because I know he is going to jump just the right distance. Remember a safe jump. After you do that one, go to alittle bigger one and so on until you are covenced that you can hit them on your own at the right speed. I went to a Gary Bailey school one time and he said everyone would do all the jumps if they thought they could make it, so he had us follow a pro and it works like a charm.

It's weird some times I feel good and can attack the track.Then some days I dont even want to go out there and end up trail riding.So I just make the best of how I feel and have as much fun as I can.I also think it has alot to do with seat time.

Just got back from the track a little while ago.

Took Ego's advice and went out there just to have fun. Lo and behold, I started riding well again. Hit some more jumps and felt tons more comfortable.

Still not back to full force yet, but it is coming.

Thanks for all the advice everyone. :)

Have you considered rocket assist boosters?

Failing that, you could always put helium in your tires or possibly switch to lite beer...?

Just trying to help.

I went riding with an ex-motocross pro from the 70's yesterday. MAN, I thought I was a descent desert rider but this guy rode so fast it was like he was on a damn street bike. Carving through canyons and trails like it was nothing. As much as I tried I couldn't get myself to rip like him, I guess I'm just a wuss. :)

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