Barnums & plastics & paints 3 subjects

I had the pleasure of talking with Rob Barnum yesterday.. WHAT A GUY !!!! He by far, is the most knowledgable and friendliest "Motard Expert" I have yet to talk to.. And he didn't mind talking and answering all.. I mean all of my questions... I'm into the entire supermotard thing.... I was fearing that I would have to spend $1000.00 on my suspension to get it right..But for well under 1/2 of that.. he's gonna do it.. Rear lowering ling, and a front fork rebiuld.. Saving me HUNDRED$$ !! The lowering link is 1/2 the cost !! I did try something different from a suggestion of his and picked up another 2 - 3 hp... I cut out my airbox cover on my left plastic shield and screened it.. HOLY SHIEK!! WHAT A DIFFERNCE along with the K&N filter.. I'll post the pics this week some time. Later this month Rob will have a "professional" laser cut version of something like what I did...

I also removed my front dust covers/boots and used mothers aliminum & mag polish.. Man... It looks good....

The plastics.. I tried the Krylon plastic paint.. DON'T waste your money.. I mean I sanded, used acetone, plastic-primed, clear coated.. CRAP I'm telling ya !! crap!!

I took another suggestion and tried the black truck bed spray liner.. I started w/ 200 grit and moved up to a 600 grit, washed & dried the plastic then applied...

WOW... I could not be happier w/ the end result.. (Pics comming later this week)

If you're looking to go black on the plastic side panels that is by far one of the best ways to go, I think.. Write me for more detailed instructions...

My riding buddy who has an 04 650L, used black bumper paint, also with a great amount of success. The bed liner, ands a very small amount of texture which I dig.. and is ruberized, so it seems to resist the scratching a little better.....

I am still having a hell of a time finding an inexpensive set of 17" wheels. I love the Excel/Talon.. but a grand for wheels is out of my range...

Happy Motarding !



I haves seen kouba lowering links for ~ $79. What is up with $250?

I just purchased a used 2003 XR650R that is destined for the street. Does anyone know what to do about the cheap anodizing that Honda put on the case covers? Everything on the bike is perfect now with the exception of those case covers. The bike will only see limited, if any, off-road use so paint might be another option. Any thoughts?



2003XR650R, HRC Stage 3 Kit, Scotts Dampener, Pro-Circuit T-4 Pipe.

if i remember right, they're only about $40 quid from honda

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