LightSpeed CR plastic lower fork guards exist now for the YZs! pics

Took a while for them to arrive, but they are sano! Plastic is very tough and thick. Seems pliable also. The lower fork mounts have bushings in them, nice touch just like OEM there.

Here is the pics:

Package picture

Package Picture 2


Unpacked side view

Right side installed

Left side installed

Install was very simple. Do the rear most bolt first and then work forward. They fit exceptionally well to say the least! I already had the Fastline CR routed cable installed with their aluminum rivet deal on the stockers. So it was a 5 minute affair (dont buy a Galfer brand line!!!).

The inside left guard is cut out to clear the factory rotor and cleared the 280mm Oversided unit I had with ease also:

left side brake rotor highlight

Sorry about some of the washed out pics. Camera was down on batteries and I was trying to get this done tonight.

Here is a URL if you are interested LightSpeed Perf

Matt, for real??? I wanted some of these badly.

Promise your not just playing a cruel joke???

LOL They look great. Do you see any sort of long term durability issues with them?

Also, who did you order them from?



That is sweet. But what if you want to put a fork guard sticker on them to protect from scratches? Do you have to buy something that will fit a CR fork quard

anyone know if these will be avail in blue plastic? :)

Mark S.

not yet but they are available in carbon fiber (not really blue, more like lots of green :))

The guards are a very nice product. Keep in mind, if you order the "kit" it comes with a Galfer brake line.

This kit would rate an A+ if it came with a fastline hose.

Aren't those the guards that are labeled "2005 YZ450F Style?"


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