post ACL/knee sugery advice

i tore my ACL a couple of months ago and am having knee surgery next thursday. i started rehab before the surgery and plan to workout and rehab the knee at every opportunity. i chose the hamstring graf option.

i'm trying to be optimistic in thinking that i'll be back on a bike by this september...

anyone out there who has recently had ACL surgery have any advice or words of wisdom to pass on it would be apprec.

i am well aware of all the obvious, and have found plenty of ACL-related support groups on the Web. sorry in advance if this is too far off topic. however, i also want to hear what motocrossers have to say.

1. how long before you were back on the bike practicing?

2. how long before racing?

3. was there anything in paticlar that you did to speed recovery?

4. how realisitic am i being by thinking i can climb back on by this Fall?


A lot has changed as far as recovery over the years. Last year in December I had my ACL repaired and by March I was back and riding. Ten years ago someone would have been out a minimal of 9-12 months. I realize also that I heal better than most since compared to the avg human I'm in much better shape. So that would help you right off the bat that you are a mxer.

Now after the surgery some of the keys to the best quality recovery as well as speediest: Ice as much as possible with your leg elevated even when you sleep. The first week postop. don't do anything physically. The first two to three weeks are so crucial for the ligament to die and then basically relearn it's position as your ACL. Not that is performs, but it does take time for the ligament to settle in and basically become proficient in stabilizing your knee. Do your therapy workouts and take them serious, if you want to ride and not go through this again you'll need to bust your ass in rehab so it isn't busted and on the table again. The biggest thing a month and beyond after surgery is to realize how far you can push things, b/c you want to get better asap but you don't need tendinitous or to tear anything.

So all in all after four months I started to ride with my CTI and I had a couple of dabs that sent shots of pain through me. So be smart, work hard and remember you don't want to go through this again.

I had a cadaver ACL graft and meniscus clean up on 8/1/01. Doc ok'd me to ride around Thanksgiving as long as I wore the CTi2 and took it easy.

I raced in January, no problems, just outa shape. (I'm 45 and outa shape anyway)

I still feel the effects of the surgery and probably will for awhile.

Phisical therapy is the best thing for recovery, work at it.

Ice and anti-inflamation medicine help alot.

A good surgeon can make or break your recovery time. Get a good sports rehab surgeon, not just an ortho.

Good Luck!

It depends on what damaged was done. I blew out my medial and my in 94 they opened me up to repair my medial 8" cut inseam of knee-as far as my acl completely severed-was not reattached!

Was pissed as hell when i found out that he did not repair it!Was told that i didn't really need it :) that even if he grafted or put in a kadavas ligament that over time it would stretch out-needing more sugery for another screw to tighten it up!Well no acl and i do everthing MX-mountain bike-jog-basketball no-problems :D

The best thing to do after your surgery is to get in a hot tub and try to stretch or get your movement back as soon as possible-it hurts! You could be riding in 6-8 weeks if it's just your acl. By the way I'm still rippen up the track with my 16" Ti rod in my tibia that i recieved in march 2000. :D:D:D

thanks for the advice guys.

i'll let you know how things go.

having surgery this thursday. : )

i had the Patella Tendon surgury 3 years ago for a completly torn ACL. They imobilzed my knee for the first week. Now the strap you to a machine that excersizes your knne/leg the very next day. This prevents atrophy. Speaking of which take your Physical Therapy seriously... You will be riding sooner & healthier. I had Surgery in August & was riding in March. Problem is they wouldn't pay for a brace eeven though I ride, surf & rockclimb and these were not enough high impact to warrant a brace. Said my recovery didn't warrant it since I was in great shape. 2 ride's I re-injured the knee but not seriously, just strained. Know I have a CTI2 & would not ride w/o one. Demand the doctor order you a brace, it may save you another hospital visit. Good luck on the rehab, keep alot of ice handy

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