Clutch Action

I replaced my stock clutch with a Barnett Dirt Digger and Xr's only HD springs. The clutch feels a bit grabby and will make a slight noise when taking off under load in first gear. It'll grab great at high rpm and no slipping. The noise is kind of a rubbing sound, like if you ran your finger across clean teeth, squeaky. What's the deal, am I out of adjustment a tad?

I have had clutches on other bikes that made a noise upon engagement. I say as long as clutch action feels right at lever and engagement feels right, run it and don't worry about it. How much did the rebuild cost you, around $100? I am worried about clutch longevity for our riding conditions.

Not many people understand our conditions. I changed my gearing to 14/50 and it helped a bit. However, I still find myself begging for the clutch in the tight stuff. Not necessarily for power but just for on and off throttle. I go through some tight stuff and it's just hard. Rebuild was 100 bucks. I did the whole clutch pack w/ Xr's only HD springs new judder seat and spring, gasket and clutch lock nut.

You can go to a 13 up front if you need to. I have similar conditions in Tillamook Forest where I ride. I had a 13/50 setup but am now working on trying to ride with the stock 14/48. First gear IS a bit TALL, doing that... :)

Every Barnett clutch I have ever used has been grabby and noisy. I tried them in XR400's and always went back to stock plates because I could never get them to engage as smoothly or quietly as I wanted.

I understand your conditions perfectly. :) I have tried 14/48, 14/50, 13/48, 13/50 and have settled on 14/49. It may be slightly tall but just leave it in 2nd or 3rd, abuse the clutch, and go like hell. :D With the lower gearing I found the power too abrupt in 2nd and it was wearing me out after a couple of hours. :D

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