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High all another silly question .Are there any differences in the 04  and 2011 rear shocks ..Some body is selling what looks like an unused pair (seperately) for 150 u.kpounds he said they have been since 2011 and they look new i was thinking of buying one to get it all set up for c.c.c. revalve etc if needed ..I dont have the time now to send my standard one (just spring) and would like to have a comparison any how would it fit ...! what is the spring weight any internal differences between them both ..thanks  

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After the early '04-'05 models, the forks have had a very small change in spring length (5mm) and outer tube oil volume,

from the 2006+ model up to 2017 they have remained the same (I can confirm this as my spare set is from an early model)


By looking up the part numbers, the rear shock as well seems to have changed in 2006+ models

Partzilla doesn't show compatibility of the '04-'05 with any other model year but Honda can be particular

when parts are not exactly the same. (but still interchange)

I'm not 100% sure but the shock's clevis dimensions may have been revised during that period.

Ask the seller to measure bolt to bolt length, and also clevis length, compare measurements to yours.


Spring rates (front/back) have always remained the same on the north american version:  .42kg/mm & 4.8kg/mm

and the few times I've seen stock CRF250X internal valving infos published, all infos were identical. (PM me if you want the details)


A suspension shop may confirm there might be some interchangeability with some CRF250R shocks as well.


Many springs do interchange, my X is currently running the 5.2 shock spring off a friend's '08 250R and,

he's now running both my softer X fork and shock springs. (he weighs 130lbs)

'04-'09 CRF250R being a common interchange range between the R and X for many engine, chassis and suspension components.

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The shock clevis length is greater on the 06-present than on the 04-05. In order to swap the shock from one gen to the other gen and maintaining the correct rear ride height all one needs to do is to also swap the linkage and link arms to match the chosen shock.

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Thanks he has the linkage too but its all adding up to over 240 u.k pounds and i want to sen the suspension of for a pro to service and adjust ..I have done my own and i think its ok it tracks well ,But sometimes i feel i am getting a little worn out too quick now that could be my lack of fitness (though i work hard at that ) i would like a comparision ..I have a spare set of forks so if i can match them to a shock i think it could be interesting..thanks for the help appreciate the good advice 

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