Waterproofing Trailtechs - How???

When I wash my bike or ride on the wet my Trailtech computer goes crazy...120kmh average speed :).... I wish!!!.

When its dry it works fine (....mostly:confused:). Anybody have simliar problems and how did you fix it, if you did.

Mine does the same thing, and it takes forever for it to start working normally again. Piss poor design in my opinion, especially for something that was designed to work on a dirt bike.

First off, I was just curious why you don't you take it off when you wash your bike? They may say it is waterproof but dousing that thing with water is just asking for problems in my opinion. I have had the same unit for about five years and have not had one problem with it to date and I've ridden in some pretty wet conditions. I think maybe once the seal is broken (water getting in some way?)its a done deal after that.

Just my .02

I cover mine with a shop towel when I clean the bike.

Always take it off to wash your bike. If it gets wet take out the battery and leave cover off an let it dry for a day.

The unit is not water proof! :)

Don't forget to make a note of total miles (odometer) and hours ridden (in case you track those things) 'cause you'll lose all that info when you remove the battery. You can re-enter the data when you put the battery back in.

it was designed to work on a bicycle and made to work on a dirt bike. i put a sandwich bag over mine when washing.

I think there may be a couple of models of Trail Tech computers out there. Mine is the Endurance model. It is made to be mounted on a motorcycle. Never had a problem with it taking on water. I have left the bike in the rain overnight and even wash the bike with no problems. Maybe I have just been lucky.

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