XRL pics

Nice but, lets see the dirty pics :)

I wish my bike looked like that.......


"NO FEAR" If you have no fear, you didnt go as fast as you could have.

Nice bike wish mine looked as good as that too. Mine has tons of battle scars LOL. :)

Next time I'll take some before pics too. The only thing that wasn't brown was the top of the tank. Yippee!


How do you like that FMF Power Bomb, Did it bolt up nicely without a problem? I'm running the stocker currently and always wonderd about the power bomb header. Did your's turn color a little from the heat?

Great looking bike. :)

thanks for the nice comments guys. The power bomb bolted up just fine but did discolor a bit. I kind of like that though, it's a nice golden color. Unfortunately though, I haven't noticed any power increase or noise reduction. Just a lighter weight pipe that without the heat shield get's pretty hot on the inside leg area. I think I will buy FMF's heat shield and mount it also. I do have a small leak from the header to the muffler connection though. I have two clamps on that connection but it still leaks.

she looks so clean and perty. :):D

has your bike ever seen dirt? :)

What size/brand rear tire do you have? is it DOT approved? Also do you get hassled at inspection with the IMS tank? I bought one on ebay for my bike and I notice it says off road use only. Ive read posts from people getting equiptment tickets :) by park rangers/ police for having these plastic tanks and non dot tires?


crf250_rider, you should read my post a little closer. This was after it was cleaned up. The only red you could see before was the very top of the tank. I got it buried in the mud where it took three of us to get it out. Of course, I fell right on my a$$ in the mud and water as soon as I found that hole in the ground. The tires are Dunlop 606's they are street legal. The rear is almost worn out but the front is still like new. I bought the tirs last June so they have lasted rear wheel. We don't have an inspection here in Iowa so plastic tank is not an issue. Even if we did, I'd just put the stock on back on for an inspection the swap it back out afterwards.

yeah im sorry about that ...

i was beeing my usual dummass :D and didnt read the 1st posts before posting my own.

Hey your bike cleaned up real nice!!! :D whats your secret? :)

how did you clean the header ?? mine has baked on mud almost impossoble to clean!

My secret, a 2500 psi pressure washer and a liberal amount of simple green. Just have to stay away from the chain and airbox. Mine had some good baked on mud also, actual still has. You noticed these weren't close ups... :)

Very nice cleaning job! The Power Bomb is always an eye catcher. Are you still using the DJ 160 Jet? The reason I ask is that I am getting ready to put a full Yosh system on my 2003 XRL. I have done the usual mods but I need to bump the slow jet up to a 55 from stock once the system goes on. I have been debating bumping the DJ 160 jet up to their 165 size. Thanks for any opinions!


2003 XR650L-5 gallon Acerbis,Acerbis fork/disc/frame guards, Dual Sport hand guards, SBR plug retainer, Maier rear disc cover, Yosh system,drilled/snorkeled/smogged, DJ 160 main/50 slow

Thanks, yes I am using the 160. I did install the 165 but other than some black smoke I really didn't notice any more power so I went back. I think it's about as good as I can get right now. It will wheelie like mad in first and will bounce in second but that's about it. I rode a friends DRZ and it was even easier to wheelie. But his didn't have that raw a$$ moving torque the big 650 had. :)


I too am from Iowa, south central (Centerville), but living in southern Illinois now. I have a 2000 XR650R that I just got licensed two weeks ago. It is a lot of fun on the road. Where do you call home??? I know this is not the place for this extension, but I thought I'd ask.


Try some Honda Bright.

Winkel, check your PM. :)

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