Selling My BRP

Selling my BRP. Looking for a local buyer or someone willing to come and get it. If you're in the midwest and feel like taking a drive to save some $$$ email me. Typical uncorking with all stock parts and quicksilver. Like new, no time to ride-less than 200 miles on odometer. Would rather sell it online to someone on the forum who knows what this is than deal with a bunch of knuckleheads on the phone using ads in the paper. Also have a DR350 thats going too. Email me only if you're interested. Price is well below what they are going for used online and in the paper ads.

A lot of interest in quicksilver-just pulled it off and the 13t sprocket and XR's only case saver. First decent offer for the quicksilver and the sprocket/case saver gets them. I will sell them seperate. I have pics of both items if interested. email

I bought this Carb. Got it at 10:02am, was riding at 10:58am. I love it! now I gotta get my rear tire put on!

Love this carb! Hesitation gone gone gone!

Been grinning all day!! :awww::lol: :lol: :thumbsup::lol: :lol:

Good guy ta do bus. with. All was just as he said!

I am very interested in your bike. Please call or e-mailme.


Doug (248) 391-2974

Woodsryder-I sent you an email.

Ineedmyspeed-I'm glad you enjoy it.


Well at least the guy who out bid me on ebay for this carb is a TT member. That eases the pain somewhat. :thumbsup: Think of me out there on the trail in need of CPR because my bike dumped over :awww:

:lol::thumbsup: had to! I been looking for almost a year. I had it going in 54 min. SAAWWeeeeettT! :awww:

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