Kick start spring help please

Hi all, picked up a 88 rm250, it's got a dr350 engine in it, been tinkering and it's running great, but the kick start doesn't spring back, I've taken off the clutch cover and there no spring, or guide, and looking online there should be a hole on the casing that the spring should sit into, there is a hole in the shaft so I get that end, but the other end? Does it sit into the clutch casing??






Engine number ?

sorry, thats not a dr350 motor



this is a 94 DR350 for comparison

Thanks guys, I had my doubts about it being a DR350 engine, just what I was told.


Any ideas on what it is?



looks like a gn400 

DR400 with the black engine


Any other engine markings that would tell me more, I was told it was a 350 bored out to 380







Its an SP370 made for 2 years 78 & 79


Going by the kickstart diagram - the spring is behind the Drive Gear at the other end of the shaft


Probably good idea to buy a workshop manual for it

Quite a few on ebay

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Yeah I was just looking at a diagram exactly same as that one, that's a bugger, can see why they didn't continue the engine, every other kick start spring is on the outside, I'm gonna have to get a manual!!!

Thanks Soanz

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