It there a way to make homemade seal savers?

I remember seeing somewhere that someone made some homemade seal savers out of medical gauze. Can someone explain this to me how it is done? I work at a medical clinic so I have plenty of gauze :)


I showed my mom a set I had purchased for my kid's bike and mentioned wanting to buy some for my bike since seal leaks were a pain. She was appalled when I told her what they cost (which is comparatively cheap when considering the price of ANY useful bike part, but I did not tell her that...).

She was soon in Walmart and found some neoprene sunglass holders they were closing out for under a dollar each, just a bag to hang on your dash really, but they were large enough and were even black. She took a few measurements and did her magical cut, snip, and sew routine and within a few minutes I had a great pair of seal savers... :)

Don't use gauze (can't imagine how that would hold up in weather...) Use neoprene. Maybe find a buddy with an old wet suit to cut up..? Your girlfriend's suit might look better with a little trimming in a few select spots? :D Now that my mind is fully in the gutter :D, spandex might even work, but I suspect it would not hold its shape and fold under during fork travel.

I guess I need to look into buying some I guess. Anyone know of a good deal and place to get some?

I am going to Durhamtown next week and that place is notorious for causing fork leaks.

I got sick of replacing seals and fixing fork leaks on my last bike so I put these fork boots on and made a guard on the disc side to keep the boots out of the brakes and spokes. 3 years and no leaks and yes I do service the forks a couple of times a summer.WR Dave. :thumbsup: Sorry I can't get the pic into the post.

It seems like a lot of work to make a product that is relatively inexpensive to buy. :thumbsup: I try to base my purchases on cost v. usefulness v. "being cool to have." "Being cool to have" often wins! :devil: But in this case they are cost effective. I have them on my bike and my son's bike. They work and based on the cost of having the forks serviced after blowing a seal they are a bargain at $20. I have heard that some guys buy the full size savers for $28 and cut them into three separate pieces to reduce cost. This seems like a good idea. :awww:

yeah, I need to just buy some. I wish one of the local shops carried them. but they don't. Guess I will just have to find someone on the internet who carries them.

any suggestions? :thumbsup:

thanks :thumbsup:

Quick question, do you have to order each for seperate or do they come as a pair? And do you suggest the short or the long?


Pair. Check out their web site. they have some other stuff too.

it looks like the inventer of the seal saver was a beer drinker, he most likley had a lot of kozzies laing around and was tired of changing fork seals or paying for the service. wa la new invention.

Pair. Check out their web site. they have some other stuff too.

You suggest the long one or the conventional ones?

I use the short ones.

I am not sure that these are worth making. Unless a person cleans them all the time, the end result is not good.

I just pulled a set off my mountainbike. I had not cleaned them for a while. The dirt and grit is all over the savers. It acts like a sheet of sandpaper on the forks. Not a good idea!

Ok good. that is the ones I ordered.

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