Seeking 1994 Suzuki DR350SE Carburetor Replacement

I have cleaned the carburetor, replaced ignition coil, replaced spark plug, drained fuel and put in fresh, installed new intake manifold, installed fuel filter, cleaned tank, changed and oiled air filter, changed battery, adjusted air/fuel ratios and more I'm sure I'm forgetting. But my 1994 DR350 continues to idle extremely rough and most of the time it will only stay running if in full choke.

I could keep buying kits and parts but I'm very interested in simply replacing the carb completely as it seems someone has messed with it before. The ones online are insanely expensive, so if someone could offer a decent price for one I would be very grateful. 

The bike ran perfect when I bought it and I rode it extensively, this issue happened two days after I sold it to my brother, OF COURSE!!! So now I feel guilty and have been working at it for days and nothing is making the slightest difference.


Please help, riding season is just starting in my area and I don't want my brother to miss out.


Did you try just replacing the pilot / slow jet ?

35 minutes ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

Did you try just replacing the pilot / slow jet ?

Yes sir I did

hows the diaphragm look ?

if you have a non-vacuum assist petcock, sounds like the rubber cap is missing or leaking for the carburetor vacuum port

also the fuel filter you added can restrict flow, i always remove these external add-on filters


The diaphram looked great when I cleaned the carb.

It has the original petcock and it works fine, even if I use prime to prefill the bowl it still has the issue immediately.

I removed the filter to test that already, it made no difference. I have my focus on possibly replacing the petcock and intake boot

5 hours ago, Daniel Hicks said:

The diaphram looked great when I cleaned the carb.

No splits in it - not hard as a rock ?

No splits of hard spots, it was in good straight.

Thee issue was that the vacuum line was hooked to the wrong port! So simple! Thanks everyone

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