putting the oil seal back...

I am having problems putting the oil seal back in the front fork. I went to motoman's website and made that little tool that he has for installing the oil seal, but it is still giving me problems. Anyone have any thoughts?

make sure you are putting them in straight and flat. It might help to put the seals in the freezer prior to installation.

oil seals should go in real easy, you should NOT have to put them in the freezer. Is your tool clearing the outer fork tube when you try to set the seal? That could hang you up and keep it from going all the way in. Are you sure your setting the oil seal and not the dust seal? You weren't specific how it's giving you problems. I haven't looked at motomans tool, but oil seals should pop right in.

You can also use a punch and a hammer to "tap" the seal in. When doing this you must be REAL careful not to scrape the inner forks tubes (I normally make sure the forks are compressed completely, just incase you slip up it wont really matter (in terms of seal life). Also move the punch around alot (dont hit one side in too much) BTW make sure the outer tube (where the seal goes in is clean and make sure the circlip groove is free of dirt (this will make you life MUCH easier when it comes time to install the circlip) Later,


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