Next time your in the Dog House

Ernie -

Thats what I figured so I don't complain about the dogs .. A complaint free wife, with no questions asked riding is worth the stupid dog ... Hell if I go riding enough I don't even remember we have the dog ...

Ego -

Because there are no fights about riding the "WooHoo" is also readily available after the riding is done ...

Usual Sunday =

Wake up


Drive to Track


Drive Home




Ok Ok .. I'll stop bragging ... remeber there are fufu dogs in there somewhere ... Though I do have picks on the next pet .. which will be something that can eat the nieghborhood kids when they are using my yard as a bypass to the next street ...

This is some great reading. As a married man of 10 freakin' eternal years, I can honestly say - YOU AIN"T GONNA FIGURE THEM OUT. They're CRAZY.

How many times have you come home from the track in a great mood just to walk into "hell". For example - A couple of weeks ago - awesome day of riding. I rode pretty well - finally cleared a double that was haunting me. Had some cocktails with the boys after wards, came home 2 hours earlier than expected - a wonderful day. Until I got home. Something about "being home alone with the kids being unfair you ungrateful selfish BASTARD". The following week - another good day but this time I was 3 hours late. Man, I was scared to go home. This time I was greeted with "Hi Honey" soon followed by a hummer.

And she asks why I drink so much. Because I am CONFUSED. :)



Maybe thats the difference .... No crazy kids. We have one 13 year old who is always out with his friends anyway ...

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