trail tech computer/help

I bought the dashboard for the trail tech computer.there web site shows it can be mounted on top or between clamps that hold the bars on.if its mounted on top can it stil be tightened enough to keep the bars from slipping?or if its mounted between clamps I think I read somewhere the front clamp needs to be sounds like its much easyier to just mount it on top.What Do You Guys Think ???? THANKS!!!

I mounted mine on top of the clamp and haven't had any problems in the last year with my bars slipping.

we the bolts long enough ? thanks!!!

I have mine mounted on top of my Scotts tripleclamp with Pro Tapers and have not had any problems. This is actually the third bike I've had it on mounted that way. I bought longer bolts just to be safe since they're not giving away that Scotts stuff.

I you have the Pro-Taper bars, you need to ground down the lower front section of your mounts. It it on the TrailTech web site. I have a Scotts Triple Clamp and it worked great with a flat course file.

I you have the Pro-Taper bars, you need to ground down the lower front section of your mounts. It it on the TrailTech web site. I have a Scotts Triple Clamp and it worked great with a flat course file.

doese it fit better between the clamps ? or on top ?

I couldnt find that on trail teac ( grind clamps)

I did find where you need to grind the clamps...Thanks,looks like it will fit lower that way.on top of the clamps might be too high,what do you think ??

I mounted mine on the original odo bracket, using the original rubber shock absorber. I figure it's less likely to get damaged down there.


I mounted mine on the original odo bracket to, using the original rubber shock absorber. Works well.

Got it mounted between the clamps...Thanks for all the HELP!!!!!

Speeking of trail techs, anybody had problems with theirs going dead. I've taken mine apart a couple of times to clean corrosion off of the circuit board right around the push buttons. Mine doesn't appear to like water too much!!!

Looks like I'm gonna have to get a new one, this time around the repair doesn't seem to be bringing it back to life!

Is this water from rain or puddle jumping?

A little of both, but mostly puddle jumping. I don't bury it but it does get dirty trail riding like anybodies machine would. I just expected these things to hang tough in the mud spray a little better. After a new one I'll be putting a little baggy over the computer when I wash it or plan on mudding. :)

I had a reply from their tech dept after asking if there was anything I could do to stop getting average speeds of 140kmh when the unit was wet. Basically they said keep it dry! I'm not altogether too impressed by the unit but I'm going to dry it out completely and see if things improve. They particularly said that the contacts under the unit which attach to the sensor cable should remain as dry as possible. Good luck. Plastic bag sounds like a lo-tech potential fix.

Anybody use any other computer with good results ??

Why not just get a GPS if you have to replace the trailtech anyway? I have a trailtech unit and it never impressed me so it only stayed on for about a week before I swapped a GPS in it's place. It tells me everything the trailtech does and more.

As far as water goes, I have had the GPS mounted on the bars through downpours here on rides near the rain forest and never had a bit of trouble. Even when the bike was just sitting parked at work and we got a deluge of rain the GPS never even seemed to notice.

I use a Garmin GPS III+ mounted on the crossbar with a remote antenna attached to the rear fender.

If you need my trailtech just PM me, I won't ever use it again.


What did you mount your GPS to your bike with?

Do you have the power hard wired, if not do you ever have problem with the unit shutting down during hi revs?

What do you want for the Trail Tech? How old is it?

I am interested.

a new computer costs $43.00




Being as how I am sometimes a cheapskate, I used the Garmin bicycle handlebar mount. I had one lying around and just used it rather than investing in a Ram Mount or a Touratech mount. I cut an old inner tube into 1" wide strips and wrapped the crossbar until it was just slightly larger than the main bar. The Garmin mount clamped around the rubber and created a vibration dampner. I then cut the foam pad and wrap to fit around the mount. It slipped over the mount and concealed the mount almost entirely except where the removeable GPS bracket slides into the base of the mount.When it is in place the crossbar pad helps support the sides of the GPS as well. It's a suprisingly stable setup for as flimsy as the Garmin piece looks.

For power I have a simple setup. I have a Trick Dual Sport Kit which comes with GPS power source right from the control box so I just bought an external power cord for the GPS and wired it to the Trick kit, and done! Before I started using the cord for power I used to have a problem with the power cutting out but that was only after I didn't use the little spring battery separator after the first one broke. I wrote to Garmin to ask where to get them and they just mailed me a few, free of charge. Definately a good company to work with :)


I bought it about 2-3 years ago and wasn't impressed so it got tossed back in a box and left alone. I can't say the condition of the sensor mounts by the wheel because I rember hacking them up to try to make it fit my application. First a FZR600 race/street bike then I tried it on my WR. I belive the computer head unit is fine just some minor scratches from the custom aluminum dash I fabbed for the FZR. They are on the outer edge of the case and not on the screen. If you want the computer I'll take $20 for it and I'll send any wires I have with it as well. PM me and I'll take another look at it when I get home.

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