Torque Wrench???

Where can I get a torque wrench thats goes below 10 ftlbs? I need to torque the cam cap bolts to 5.1 ftlbs.

THANX! Hitman

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Sears has a good supply or I usually hit Orchard supply in CA they a variaty of sizes and shapes.

Not sure what you have in PA but everyone has a sears.

Or most tool supplies will have them

Don't mess with an foot/pounds torque wrench for settings that low. Go with an inch/pounds torque wrench. The Foot/pounds are usually not very accurate that low, even if they have a setting for 10 foot/pounds. I just purchased an inch/pounds wrench for $140.00 with lifetime guarantee made by KD tools. There are much cheaper units out there though.

If you need to torque something to 10 foot pounds, you use the 120 inch/pounds setting. Since there are 12 inches in a foot, you just multiply your torque spec in foot/pounds to get inch/pounds. An inch/pound wrench is way more accurate on those light settings. Sears has one, harbor freight has a cheap one, most any place that sells quality hand tools have them or can get them. I got mine from an auto parts store.

Anyone interested, sears has one on sale till Friday the 17th for $59.00(sears item#00944593000 mfr model#44593). It goes from 25in.lbs to 250 in.lbs and is a craftsman of coarse.

This is the first place I checked, but some how missed this the first time. Thanks to Mud, Sweat & Gears post on the 250 side I double checked the site and found it. I will be picking mine up today, thanks for the posts.


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For info: Those torque wrenches only have a 90 day warrenty. They are not covered under the craftsman lifetime guarentee.

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