fmf Q-series pipes

Just went to the Hangtown national and saw the fmf q-series pipe on display, they said it should be around 94-db and told me they will have some dyno specs in the next couple of weeks on there web site. My sons yz80 has an fmf spark arester that broke off a couple weeks ago and the said they would warrenty it .I like a company that stands behind there products . any comments on fmf q-series pipe ?


Are you referring to the Power Core IV "Q" pipe? I talked to FMF recently and they said the db level was supposed to come in near stock levels in the mid to high 80's.

I spoke to Tom Webb at the track a few weeks ago about their new Q pipe. He was hyping it as very quiet and fast. He admitted it will lose a bit on top, but claimed gains down low, and 92-94db. This might be the quieter pipe everyone is waiting for.

Is this the Powercore 4 Squared Quiet pipe that FMF started advertising last Christmas as the pipe "for the sound consious rider" or is this the end insert for the Powercore 4 Squared muffler "for the sound consious rider" that they were advertising around Easter of 1999? Maybe your talking about the Powerbomb head pipe that will decrease sound output by 10 DB that the tooth fairy was supposed to bring me.

If you believe everything FMF has told you/us over the last couple years you must also believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Of course if FMF does come out with another pipe that is quiet, yet powerful, I suppose I will be selling my Powercore 4 SQ and my Megamax with quiet core so I can have the latest FMF part.

I wonder if they can manfacture this one so it will rub on my shock reservoir AND melt my side cover?

I can't wait.

Whoops, missed two C's and a U. I guess I can't spell when I'm dreaming of the latest FMF quiet pipe...........

Gee olson,didn't your mom ever tell you to mind your C's and U's? :)

Is Tom Webb not somehow affliated with Don Elmer and the good ol' Boyz over at FMF? Advertising connection or something? Maybe he holds shares in the private venture? Scott maybe you could pose this to him next time you see him at the track?

FMF was, now correct me if I am wrong, was previously known as Don Elmer's Roost Factory? Hmm wonder why they ditched that name? Yeah I have the old Dirt Bike Issues. They were/are experts at the cliche marketing hype. Even fooled me once too Olson Jr. !

But what the hell if the new improved super duper FMF Power Core SA2 with new improved quieting action can come in at 94 decibels even with the shock rubbing, they may finally be on to something.


I know you will correct if I'm wrong on this. But, isn't the KTM pipe that everyone says is so quiet without robbing power made by SuperTrapp? If so, why can't they make a quiet pipe for the WR's, YZ's, etc etc.. that doesn't suck? BTW, June 2001 issue of Dirt Rider in the questions section someone asks Dr. Dirt about quieter pipes to which Dr. Dirt replies that 'Virtually every after market exhaust company tells us that "quiet" does not sell.' I too have heard that FMF cannot be trusted. I'm still searching for quiet with power though.

Olson, I was in no way promoting this unreleased pipe, just passing along info about it. I hope it is as good as Webb claimed.

Fershy, yes, Tom Webb works for FMF. I don't recall his title right now.

AFAIK, Emler went through a divorce years ago, and his wife got the rights to the name FMF, so he changed his business name to Roost Factory. Apparently he later got the rights back, and returned the name to FMF.

Scott, Just teasing a wee bit.

I seriously hope FMF can deliver on their hype. I have been swaping between the Quiet MegaMax and the Powercore 4 Sq'd depending on where I ride.

Just wish FMF didn't start advertising 6 months before production releases.

Sorry to belabor the original point (and given the noted reservations on the credibility of FMF), now that the pipe has officially been released, is there anyone out there who has tried it who can give us an objective opinion?

Originally posted by Scott F:

This might be the quieter pipe everyone is waiting for.

What about the exhaust the race team uses in Europe? I think Arrow makes it (?)

If you want quiet I think FIM mandates that, and you know the race bikes aren’t slow...

Does anybody know if Arrow will be selling this pipe anytime soon in the US? At all?

Hick, I have sent one of my Euro buddies on a quest for info on the Arrow system. I don't believe that it is available yet in the U.S.. If I get hooked up with one I will post it on TT and let everyone one who is interested know how to get one. I'll try it out and give my impressions. It seems that in many places where quiet is better a spark arrestor is also required. So I asked my friend to check on that as well. I should hear something back within a few days.

Thanks pmaust, I knew someone here would have the goods on this.

I’ll keep an eye out...

(I also would need the S/A)


I put a KTM muffler on my WR 400 & love it.

quiet w/power. GREAT set up. The best of both worlds. It was either that or the Arrow when it came available. But the used KTM muffler was a whole lot cheaper.


Thanks Jim. I have been keeping the KTM pipe option available and may have to resort to that. Before I make a final decision I just want to check out all the options as it can be expensive to make a lot of mistakes with exhaust systems. I also sent an email to Dubach Racing Development to see if they may have some options. Hopefully, I will hear something back on the Arrow system soon as well. Whatever happened to the KTM that went with that used pipe? :)


I got the muffler from a guy in Irvine, Calif. He said he rides the desert so it can be loud, replaced with some after market unit. Glad he did, made me happy!!!!!!!



I just picked up one of the new FMF Q pipes from Rush Racing over here in england, fit is good, quality not quite as good as the WB E series that it replaces, bottom end is at least as good, will be giving it a good go this weekend, but it is pretty quiet, certainly quieter than the e series (freshly packed, quiet core and 3 plates)

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result


Hey whats the cost of the KTM pipe? What the heck happened to SuperTrap? Last time I had a thumper, they were THE maker of 4 stroke exhaust. I had one and loved it. If they make the KTM pipe, maybe we can get one from them. I dont see any of their adds in the mags, I see plenty in my Mustang mags though. I see BBK, (another name from the Mustang and Sumit catalogs) has a pipe, any one tried that one?

Scoobydo, how many disks were you running on you E-series? If you were to run 4 disk on the e-series compared to the 3 packed on your new pipe what are the power/db differences throughout the entire power band? I realize you would be doing this by the seat of your pants but, have you tried to do a side by side apples to apples comparison? Very interested to know. Thanks, Paul

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