fmf Q-series pipes


Can you give me the number of rush racing?




the number is 01404 549696, speak to scott or tim and tell them glen from southern counties enduro club sent you

Powercore 4 is quiet and good performing silencer,but its to long.first time you loop bike it gets torn off.

Originally posted by JasonJ:

Hey whats the cost of the KTM pipe? What the heck happened to SuperTrap? Last time I had a thumper, they were THE maker of 4 stroke exhaust. I had one and loved it. If they make the KTM pipe, maybe we can get one from them. I dont see any of their adds in the mags, I see plenty in my Mustang mags though. I see BBK, (another name from the Mustang and Sumit catalogs) has a pipe, any one tried that one?

I have a Supertrapp IDS2 on my WR for nearly two years and I am quite dissapointed with the fit and quality of it. I have a YZ pipe on the way and can't wait to get rid of the damn thing! Also rubs on my frame and cases.

But I know what you mean about them being THE exhaust a few years back.

Seems the noise Versus power thing is still a problem.

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