Difference between 125 and 250

125 is just fine, particularly as a beginner.  They are fast, if ridden correctly, around a MX track and in the woods....just ask Tommy Norton or Shane Watts.  Many of the freestyle moto guys back in the day rode 125's also.  Perfect bike to learn how to ride, carry momentum and use the clutch...

Hell yes there is a big difference. The market for 125’s suck and I’m sure the reason you found a “killer deal” was because compared to all of the other bikes out there 125’s lose their value the worst. The difference is that the 125 is a whole 125cc smaller than the 250 two stroke. The 125 will suck everywhere the 250 doesn’t and you wont get your money back out of it because nobody wants a powerless joke of a bike.
Interesting. I wonder how much experience you don't have.


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Ive got a 200cc ktm 2 stroke and I think it lack power. Go for the 250.

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