Splitting Cases'??

How much would I expect to pay if I had a mechanic to this to replace a gear? Looking for approx labor costs.

Engine in the bike or clean stipped engine ready to be worked on? :)

Engine in the frame- about 8-10 hours + -

Engine out of frame- about 4-6 hours + -

Labor rates are in the $70/hr range

What bike, what gear? how bad was the failure. Be prepared. I only chipped two teeth off fouth gear set, and ended up putting three gears in ($40 each) and both pumps ($110 set). The effort to pull the motor and reinstall is worth the knowledge gained unless you're absolutely not mechanically inclined (no insult meant)

I've done a few bikes (splitting the cases) and yes the YZF is an intimidating one, only becasue of the oiling system and the cams, the rest is just like a two-smoker. But looking back at it now, it was well worth it!!!

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