dual sport kit

Anyone out there know of a good dual sport kit for a '99 yzf400? I already looked at the Electrex Dakar and TRICK kits. I live in PA and want to make it street legal and we need a speedo and odometer in this state to get it inspected. The Dakar kit has an option of getting a Panoram speedo, anyone have one of these and does it work? Just looking for some opinions.


The trailtech spedo's work very good. Get the optional billet aluminum mount. Very durable that way. A little pricy but nice.

I have heard good things about the trick kit. The Dakar kit is pretty nice from what I hear also.

Trick Dual Sport Kit is very good and Dale will break down the kit and give you anything you want. I also use the Trail Tech computor. Dale did a GPS power supply for me with my kit. Very happy with it! Link: http://www.trickdualsport.com/

I wonder if you can use a GPS for speedo and odometer to get it passed.

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