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Making Solutions Easier To Find


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This post is for moderators/devs only. 

I've been on TT for about a month now and  I love how active the community is. I'm involved in both asking for help, giving help, and general conversation. The reason I'm posting today is because of how active the community is.. there is a lot of content on TT, and when I'm looking for solutions, (outside of a personal forum post), it can get quite overwhelming. 

I think to make this more efficient, a "best answer", or "solution" button is needed. Which the original poster can use to pin the comment that solved his issue. That way, when we're looking for help we can go straight to the 'best answer', and then afterwards spend hours going through all the many other pages filled with suggestions. It would just save time imo.

I can think back to one of my own posts that has 4 or 5 pages.. and it turns out it was as simple as me having the floats upside down. If I could go back and pin the one guys comment recommending i check the floats - that could save someone else a bunch of reading time.

Just a suggestion :)


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