seased up

Well i seased the bike up today and and i'm going to buy a new piston for the first time.I need some advice on what name brand of a pistion i should go with? Sugestions would be very apreciative.


uhhh, the heck did THAT happen

Adam, It's been a while since I've replaced pistons but I always used Wiseco. They worked fine in my bikes and JetSki. BTW, How did you manage to lock'er up?

When you "seased" her up, did you take her out to dinner and a movie first? Expectations and all, ya know.

he prolly made her pay, thats why she got a lil unhappy and seized

Guys i was trail riding 2nd gear and it just locked up i have no idea why or waht i did wrong for this to happen does anyone have any idea or to why this happend?

Sounds like your oil wasnt circulating. I would check into that before you rebuild it and "sease" the new piston too. :)

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I'm not sure how to check your oil pump with the engine not running. But I am sure someone on TT does. For future reference, it is a good habit to check to see if you have oil pressure after you change the oil. Not that I always do. :)

well wylie your right the oil wasn't circulating and did some big damage worth $3100 worth.

Holy Crap,

Hey Adam feel bad for you did you find out of your oil pump went down or was it due to another problem.


See my post and you and I can both feel the pain.

The post is called destroyed engine right below this one.

Hey Adam sorry to hear about that. Were you able to determine why the oil wasnt circulating? I had no idea your problem would be that expensive to fix. I will definately be checking to see if I have oil pressure before each ride.

Yeah i just foud out that the bering that goes thrue the crank case wasn't letting oil up to the head and well thevalvs did most of the damage wearing down the head pretty. so i have to get a new head send my crank out to a machine shop and there is just and list that keeps going on.

How do you check your oil pressure?

There is a metal line that is located on top of the oil filter housing. Follow that up to the back of the head. On the back of the head you will see that the metal line ends with a bolt sticking through it, this is called the oil gallery bolt.

1. Slightly loosen the oil gallery bolt.

2. Start the engine and keep it idling until oil starts to seep from the oil gallery bolt. If no oil comes out after one minute, turn the engine off so it will not seize.

If oil starts to seep out shut the engine off and torque the bolt back down and go riding.

Torque Spec. for oil gallery bolt is 18 Nm or 13

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