New WR450 owner

Well, got tired of trying to find a used one that wasnt (used)up. Picked a new 04 up this morning. Had .2 miles on it. Didnt have much time to ride, (had to go to work)only put about 2 miles on it around the yard. Already uncorked the exhaust. Doing the snokel and throttle stop tonight after work. Noticed the manual came with jets. Should I go ahead and jet the carb while cutting the stop? The only mods planned is uncorking the exhaust and airbox mod. FYI.. I'm around 600ft above sea level. Thanks and I look forward to gaining knowledge on the forum. :)

I would get a yz450 throttle stop from the shop. It is around 10 bucks and would serve you better than grinding it. You have to be really precise in grinding it. Also get the zip-ty racing fuel screw from the dealer, it is around 23 bucks, that will allow you to fine tune your machine.

I have had my 04 wr450 for a couple of months. YZ throttle stop works great. Promoto has a spark plug arrestor that works great and keeps the db below 96.

My stock arrestor broke twice before I made the change.

Do you have to remove the carb to rejet?

If you don't mind me asking, what was your out the door price? I'm in the market too.

Do you have to remove the carb to rejet?

You can do the pilot and the main with out removing the carb. To do the other curcuits of the carb you need to take it off.

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