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1972 Yamaha DT2 pistons & rings

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I have a '72 DT2 (250cc) engine that is on the ragged edge of needing a bore and piston. I can find slugs and rings all day long, but finding the right combination is proving difficult.

What I know now is that my engine is standard bore and likely has the "short" 125mm connecting rod, not the 130mm used in others like the YZ250. More power is great, but I don't care if the piston has one ring or two. The problem is that ring sets almost universally have a Dykes top ring while many pistons do not.


Can a regular second ring be used as a top ring with pistons that have only one regular, non-Dykes ring groove without any problems? That's usually a no-no with four strokes and I'm not that experienced with smokers.

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