Header pipe heat shield

After taking a slow topple whilst mustering on the weekend (fallen tree trunk hidden under long grass) I got myself quite a nasty header pipe burn My bike has an aftermarket Ti header pipe with no mounting points for a heat shield. I tried some header pipe wrap, but it still gets hot as hell. Anyone been down this route before??


Welding on tapped tangs and have them postioned so you can buy the stock Yamaha sheild and bend it as needed to fit. That is your best bet.

only problem there is that the pipe is titanium. Anyone know what tungsten/inert gas you need to tig titanium?? and can you weld steel to titanium???


Any good welder should be able to weld stainless steel to it using Argon or Helium gas TIG approach. They will not be strong welds but should do the job of holding the heat shield on good.

I got a universal CF shield from E Line. Warning, it costs too much and looks nothing like the nice curved one in the picture. For what I got, it should have cost much less than the one in the pictures on thier site.

That said, it goes on real easy with two stainless steel hose clamps. It does the job and looks OK. Might be easier and cheaper in the long run if you don't know a welder.

Just don't expect it to have any of the nice bends to cover the front like they show in the pictures online.

E LIne

Cheaper here, but I don't see the universal one


I just went through this and my solution was as follows:

Take the original header heat shield and unscrew it from original header....!! DOh.

Take THREE stainless steel hose clamps and drill a small hole in each one about 1.25 to 1.5 inches from the clamp tightening screw. Hole diameter: big enough for you to get a big pop rivet in there. Now get THREE washers with same diameter inner hole, but small enough to sit in the recess where the screws were in the heatshield.

Pop rivet the whole thing together: you use the washers to reduce the size of the screw-holes in the heat shield so you end up with the heat shield with 3 hose clamps riveted to it.

Now install and tighten and your heatshield should slowly warp to the form of your new header.

When nice and tight, cut off the extra length of the hose clamps at just the right length that they fit under the edge of heat shield when tight.

Loosen the clamps and then retighten and as you do so make sure the end of the clamp advances under the heat shield.


Looks good, and cost: 3 hose clamps and 3 washers or.....

if you are like me you waste 70 bucks on an ill fitting carbon guard which gets ripped off in your first fall because it sticks out and digs into the ground like a spade!

Thanks for the help guys, but I think missile man has the idea :)

I'll give it a go :D


Good advice bro. Did you buy the E Line too???? It does stick out a bit. Wish I had only paid $70. Think it was more.


.....one hardly used carbon fiber spade for sale. 50$ takes it.

....I think it was an e-line, I seem to remember it as 70$ new but then again it was one of many things I bought whilst in the US so could have been more.

I did the same thing with my XR400, basically.

Took the old headshield. Got two nuts that fit on the stock heatshield screws. Drill a hole in the hoseclamps (two was enough) and put the nut under the clamp. Screw the bolts into the nuts, through the clamp. Then, just clamp it onto your pipe.

Easier and more reversible than the rivets.

I just rang the local yamaha dealer and they want $AU220 ($US162)for the heat shield!!! I explained to the spare parts dude that I didnt want the header pipe as well, just the shield :)

Guess I'll be making an alloy one , I'll post some pics when finished.


I just rang the local yamaha dealer and they want $AU220 ($US162)for the heat shield!!! I explained to the spare parts dude that I didnt want the header pipe as well, just the shield :)

Guess I'll be making an alloy one , I'll post some pics when finished.


Awe man. I've seen the entire stock pipe with can go for around $65 here and on Ebay.


I'd believe it, but here in OZ there is very little bike stuff on ebay :)


Hamish, I am sure somebody here has one you can buy from them via paypal. How about it guys...help a TT brother out !


another option would be to get a strip of metal roughly the same size as the original heat shield & drill it out. You can still use the steel hose clamp idea and lift the metal strip away from the header by using some small diameter tubing or an appropriate sized washer, or even a stack of washers. All you need to do is ensure you lift the strip away from the header and have some heat dispersion holes.

Also I guess you should watch out not have razopr sharp edges anywhere. If you have an anvil and hammer you could round the edges of the strip.

Good luck with whatever way you go.

Above idea thanks to Garret Berg aka motoman393 (go to his site on the forum index and he even has a picture).

I plan to get some alloy tube about an inch larger in diameter than the header pipe and bend it to the same radius as the pipe, the cut the outer 1/3 off and attatch it with hose clamps.

My sister is soon due to finish her assignment in washington, so can get her to bring back stuff if I need it. Thanks for the offer anyway :)

I'll have a while to do it as the burn on my leg just got infected so I won't be riding for a while :D

Please...no photo....the burn photo was bad enough :D ......all that hair :)

i have an extra heat shield if you want it. no charge. :)

thanks for the offer steve, but being on the other side of the world is the only problem. I'm down in Oz.


yeah but it only weighs about 2 oz. how much could shipping be? let me know, you could trade me for a hat or somethig from your end of the world. :)

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