Header pipe heat shield

sounds like a good idea :)

I'll pm you with some details


Guys, I'd like to update my opinion of E-Line. When I first got the POS, I thought, "how much did I pay for this POS?" It looked nothing like the pictures in the ad. The rivets were small, and a couple were not tight. I hammered these in and installed the thing. I knew it was not very strong, but it kept my pants from melting and my leg from frying. I was happy enough, until last Sunday.

Last Sunday I crashed at Tower City and the header was smashed, right under where I had mounted the E-Line guard. The damn thing just popped all the rivets off and flew away. I knew those rivets were week. Maybe if they were stainless. Still, not covering the front of the header is lame.

I was worried about burning the valves or overheating the engine, so I managed to bust a hole in the header and ride another 25 miles.

Save your money. I like the modified stocker idea, just don't use weak ass aluminum rivets.


Pics Pics please I want to see what it looks like finished. I've burnt holes in two pairs of riding pants since installing my Big Gun system less then a year ago.

I just went through this and my solution was as follows:

Take the original header heat shield and unscrew it from original header....!! DOh.

Take THREE stainless steel hose clamps and drill a small hole in each one about 1.25 to 1.5 inches from the clamp tightening screw. Hole diameter: big enough for you to get a big pop rivet in there. Now get THREE washers with same diameter inner hole, but small enough to sit in the recess where the screws were in the heatshield.

Pop rivet the whole thing together: you use the washers to reduce the size of the screw-holes in the heat shield so you end up with the heat shield with 3 hose clamps riveted to it.

Now install and tighten and your heatshield should slowly warp to the form of your new header.

When nice and tight, cut off the extra length of the hose clamps at just the right length that they fit under the edge of heat shield when tight.

Loosen the clamps and then retighten and as you do so make sure the end of the clamp advances under the heat shield.


Looks good, and cost: 3 hose clamps and 3 washers or.....

if you are like me you waste 70 bucks on an ill fitting carbon guard which gets ripped off in your first fall because it sticks out and digs into the ground like a spade!

E-Line .......I hear ya!!

On the PICS, I need to get myself set up with a miniweb site. Hope to do that soon and then will post pics.


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